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Did you have problems opening a bank account while you were on an Erasmus? Have you ever tried to use a credit card to buy something from an online shop based in another EU country only to find that your card was rejected? Did your insurance company tell you that you were no longer covered by your life insurance when you moved to another EU country? Have you tried to get your car insured in another European country? Do you have enough information on how much you are charged when using a credit card aboard?

    The European Commission is working to improve cross-border retail financial services for citizens. And we want to know what the real issues are that citizens like YOU face every day.

    With the #MyMoneyEU campaign the Commission invited people to submit videos about the problems they encountered when using banking or insurance services within the EU. The deadline for submitting videos was 18 March 2016.

    You can find below the videos you sent to us and the tweets linked to the campaign.

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    Intellectual Property

    By submitting videos, participants declare to be the sole copyright owner of the material and not to infringe third parties rights, including, but not limited to copyright and image rights.

    Participants grant the European Union the right to publish and reuse their videos on social media platforms listed on

    Participants retain full copyright of their videos and agree, depending on the platform they have chosen to use, to be bound by their legal terms of use (Examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube)

    Participants declare to keep the European Commission harmless of any damages or disputes arising out of the use of the video and in case of third parties claims. The European Commission reserves the right to request image right forms or copyright authorisations in case of third parties claims.

    Participants should retain the original digital file of their entry as they may be asked to prove ownership of the work, as well as providing the European Union with the entry in the highest possible resolution.

    This call is not open to minors