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European Post Trade Group

Presentation of the group

The European Post Trade Group (EPTG) was set up on the recommendation of the European Group on Market Infrastructures (EGMI) that the dismantling of remaining obstacles to a safe, efficient, and competitive European post-trading landscape would require targeted cooperation between public authorities and the private sector.

The EPTG is a joint initiative between the European Commission, the ECB, ESMA, and industry. Its members are representatives of the key players involved in post-trade issues. The members participate as experts and do not necessarily represent their “constituencies.” This is to allow for free, non-binding contributions based on professional experience. The Group also has two permanent independent experts.

The initiative is intended to:

  1. Drive the dismantling of barriers to cross-border safety and efficiency, including identifying and tackling issues that have developed since the Second Giovannini Report in 2003;
  2. Complement the legal framework currently under construction in response to the regulatory agenda agreed by the G20 in the wake of the financial crisis, and the work of the ECB on its TARGET2-Securities (T2S) project. It will also support the cohesions of regulatory initiatives as they are implemented;
  3. Avoid the duplication of efforts. The public sector, including T2S and COGESI, and industry are already working on a number of harmonisation initiatives. The Group could share information on the progress on these initiatives and could help to co-ordinate efforts where additional work is required. It will define monitoring procedures with clear implementation deadlines and responsible actors for each harmonisation activity.