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Financial Integration Reports

The Commission regularly monitors developments in the EU financial sector. Until 2009 the Commission published the European Financial Integration Report. It reported on market and policy developments presenting indicators on financial integration, efficiency, stability and competitiveness.

The recent financial crisis demonstrated that an additional focus should be given to financial stability issues. Responding to these developments, a revamped “European Financial Stability and Integration Report” has been prepared.

The Commission also closely monitors the economic impact of EU financial services policy and has commissioned 2 external studies on the impact of the Financial Services Action Plan (FSAP).

European Financial Integration Report (EFIR)

In 2007, the European Financial Integration Report replaced 2 former reports: the “Financial Integration Monitor” and the “Single Market in Financial Services Progress Report”.

FSAP impact assessment

2009 – To assess the economic impact of the Financial Services Action Plan, the Commission ran two studies: