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Winding-up of credit institutions

Study on the feasibility of reducing obstacles to the transfer of assets within a cross border banking group during a financial crisis
Study on Pre-insolvency - Early intervention – Reorganization - Liquidation
Commission services’ feasibility report on “asset transferability” within cross border banking groups
Consultation on the reorganisation and winding-up of credit institutions

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the Directive (2001/24/EC) on reorganisation and winding up of credit institutions. The aim of the consultation is to examine whether the Directive completely fulfils its objectives, whether it could be extended to cross border banking groups, and how obstacles related to asset transferability within such groups can be addressed.

Directive 2001/24/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 April 2001 on the reorganisation and winding up of credit institutions
Commission welcomes Council adoption of Directive on winding up of credit institutions