AN EU consolidated electronic list concerning persons
and entities subject to EU financial sanctions
Background information Day-to-day use DBMS use

These files are ready to be downloaded or accessed from the HTTP or FTP sites:

File with the most recent UPDATES (called DELTA.XML) In this file you will
find the updates
introduced following
the last published
"Snapshot" file with all the data (called GLOBAL.XML) In this file, you will
find all the records:
updated records and
not updated records. Only the active records.
File containing the history of all the input data (ANNUAL.XML) In this yearly file you will find the entire database with the records modification/ deletion history.
Help” file - online access Tips given on how to
handle the files, background information....

The updated files will be in principle posted on the HTTP and FTP sites the same day as the publication of the Official Journal (paper and pdf version).

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