AN EU consolidated electronic list concerning persons
and entities subject to EU financial sanctions
Background information Day-to-day use DBMS use

    1. NOT a "super-Search Engine" (you cannot compare it to

    2. NOT a WYSIWYG* product (you have to download the XML file, integrate it into your own IT system and apply to it your own set of rules in order to use it in a more friendly environment)

    3. NOT a tailored solution to each individual banking IT system

    4. IS a universal solution responding to all banking IT systems (more easily adaptable to each individual system)

The project scope of the e-list is to make an exhaustive inventory of the EU financial sanctions that are published in all linguistic versions of the Official Journal. These sanctions have a direct impact on people and/or entities and/or governments.
The database will be updated by the Commission in real time, which means that it will be in principle synchronized with the Official Journal day of publication.


* "What you see is what you get"

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