Fiche d'informations par pays

Fiche d’information par pays Roumanie

Ministère responsable

Autres ministères impliqués

  • Ministerul Educaţiei Nationale / Ministry of National Education
    [L Romanian]
  • Ministerul Muncii, Familiei, Protecţiei Sociale și Persoanelor Vârstnice / Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly Persons
    [L English]
  • Ministerul Sănătăţii / Ministry of Health
    [L Romanian]
  • Ministerul Afacerilor Externe / Ministry of Foreign Affairs [L Multilingual]
  • Ministerul Justiției/ Ministry of Justice [L Romanian]

Programmes ou documents de politiques

  • National Strategy on Immigration for 2011-2014 (GD no. 498/2011) [D Romanian]


  • Government Ordinance no. 44/2004 regarding the social integration of foreigners granted a form of protection in Romania (31.01.2004) 
    [D Romanian]
  • Government Decision no. 1.483/2004 to approve methodological norms for the implementation of Government Ordinance 44/2004 regarding the social integration of foreigners granted a form of protection in Romania (09.09.2004)
    [D Romanian]
  • Government Ordinance no. 41/2006 for the amendment and completion of G.O. no. 44/2004 (21.08.2006)
    [D Romanian]
  • Law no. 416/2001 regarding the minimum guaranteed income with the subsequent modifications and completions
    [D Romanian]
  • Law no. 61/1993 regarding state allowance for children
    [D Romanian]
  • Government Ordinance no. 105/2003 regarding the complementary allowance and the allowance for single parents with children, with the subsequent modifications and completions
    [D Romanian]
  • Law no. 17/2000 regarding social assistance for old persons with the subsequent modifications and completions
    [D Romanian]
  • Law on education no. 1/2011 [D Romanian]
  • Law no. 76/2002 regarding the insurance system for unemployment and the stimulation of capacity for work, with the subsequent modifications and completions
    [D Romanian]
  • Law  no. 116/2002 regarding the prevention of social exclusion
    [D Romanian]
  • GEO no. 194/2002 on the legal status of aliens in Romania [D Romanian]
  • Law no. 80/2011 on the free movement on Romanian territory of EU, EEA and Swiss citizens [D Romanian]
  • Law no. 157 of 11 July 2011 for the revision and completion of several legislative acts regarding the legal status of aliens in Romania [D Romanian]

Informations relatives aux financements et aux subventions

See on the Web Site's national funding page:


Etudes d'impact, rapports et évaluations

  • Raport Anual privind situaţia străinilor care au obţinut o formă de protecţie în România 2008 / Annual report on the status of aliens who were granted a form of protection in Romania (2008) [D Romanian]
  • Perceptia populatiei cu privire la refugiatii din Romania / The perception of the Romanian population regarding aliens granted a form of protection in Romania 
    [D Romanian]
  • Annual report regarding the situation of foreigners that where granted a form of protection in Romania – 2010 [D Romanian]
  • Study on the immigration phenomenon in Romania. The alien`s integration  in the Romanian society [D Romanian]
  • The beneficial regularisation of immigration in Romania [D Romanian]
  • Immigrant’s  information needs in Romania [D Romanian]

Agences de recherche et de statistiques

  • Institutul National de Statistica / National Institute of Statistics [L Romanian] / [L English
  • Research and Information Centre on Immigrant Integration [L Multilingual]

Agences mettant en oeuvre les programmes d'intégration

At a national level

  • Inspectoratul General pentru Imigrări / General Inspectorate for Immigration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
    [L Romanian]
  • Agenţia Naţională pentru Ocuparea Forţei de Muncă / National Agency for Employment
    [L Romanian]
  • Casa Naţională de Asigurări de Sănătate / National Office for Health Insurance
    [L Romanian]
  • Autoritatea Naţională pentru Protecţia Drepturilor Copilului / National Authority for the Protection of Children's Rights 
    [L Romanian] / [L English]
  • Directoratul pentru Protecția Copilului / Child Protection Directorate [L Romanian]
  • Consiliul Național pentru Combaterea Discriminării / National Council for Combating Discrimination [L Romanian]

At a local level

The co-ordination of the local authorities involved in the migrant integration process is achieved by the Regional Centres for Accomodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers of the Romanian Immigration Office:

  • Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Bucharest / Centrul Regional de Cazare şi Proceduri pentru Solicitanţii de Azil Bucureşti:
  • Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Timişoara / Centrul Regional de Cazare şi Proceduri pentru Solicitanţii de Azil Timişoara:
  • Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Galaţi / Centrul Regional de Cazare şi Proceduri pentru Solicitanţii de Azil Galaţi
  • Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Rădăuţi / Centrul Regional de Cazare şi Proceduri pentru Solicitanţii de Azil Rădăuţi:
  • Regional Centre for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Maramureş / Centrul Regional de Cazare şi Proceduri pentru Solicitanţii de Azil Maramureş:
  • The Regional Center for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum Seekers Giurgiu/ Centrul Regional de Cazare si Proceduri pentru Solicitantii de Azil Giurgiu

Parties prenantes

  • Consiliul Naţional Român pentru Refugiaţi / Romanian National Refugee Council
    [L Romanian]
  • Organizaţia Femeilor Refugiate din România / Refugee Women's Organisation –  no website
  • Organizaţia Salvaţi Copiii România / Save the Children - Romania
    [L Romanian] / [L Romanian
  • Organizaţia Internaţională pentru Migraţie România / International Organization for Migration Romania
    [L Romanian]
  • Forumul Român pentru Refugiaţi şi Migranţi - ARCA / Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants - ARCA
    [L Romanian]
  • Institutul Intercultural Timişoara / Intercultural Institute of Timisoara
    [L Romanian]
  • Soros Foundation Romania/ Fundatia Soros Romania
    [L Multilingual]
  • Jesuit Refugee Service Romania / JRS Romania
    [L Romanian]
  • Asociația pentru Dezvoltarea  Asociației SAH ROM / ADO SAH ROM
    [L Multilingual]
  • Asociația pentru Dezvoltarea Alternativă a Disputelor (ADRA) / Association for Alternative Dispute Resolution
    [L Romanian]
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Malta:Summer Camp for
Children by
Organisation for
Friendship in

OFD this year is also
organising the 6th
two-week Summer Camp
for children aged 3
till 12 years old.[plus]
Conflict resolution
in a multicultural
environment -
konfliktów w

The training is
directed primarily to
epmloyees of NGOs
working with
foreigners from
outside the Eur[plus]
Österreich! 50 Jahre
türkische Ga

Anfang der 1960er
Jahre kamen aufgrund
des am 15. Mai 1964
Anwerbeabkommens mit
der [plus]
Ireland: ‘Crisis,
Mobility and New
Forms of Migration’

This international
conference will
explore the multiple
ways in which
economic, social [plus]
Youth Summer School
2014 : Youth and
Development in the

The 2014 PSIR Youth
Summer School aims to
discuss the role of
youth in world
politics with an
Photo Exhibition:
Memories of the
Unknown Home: Sof

Cultural Foundation
A25 and Rubbers photo
gallery present an
exhibition of
photographs taken by
5 6
Czech Republic:
Colorful Planet
(Barevná planeta)
world music festival

The XV. annual world
music festival will
be held in Usti nad
Labem, Czech
Republic, on
September 6th[plus]
7 8
Advanced Training
Course in Law of
Foreigners. Area
Human rights,
conflict management,
cooperation and

Date 8 – 12
September 2014
Location: Scuola
Sant’Anna -
Pisa Hours: 40 Number [plus]
Language Camp for
Refugee Childr

The Refugee-Migrants
Service of the
Bulgarian Red Cross
organizes a language
camp for 25 refugee chi[plus]
Iraqi Cooking Cla

Multi Kulti
Collective organizes
cooking classes
hosted by chefs from
all over the world
every month[plus]
Welcome culture
applied locally

The Federal Office
for Migration and
Refugees actively
seeks to build a
welcome culture and
to embra[plus]
Germany: Culture of
recognition on a
local base - opening
and strengthening of
intercultural civic

In the context of
workshops, multiple
pulses and a fishbowl
discussion the
symposium will focus on [plus]
Course tackling
gender violence from
an intercultural

Free training aimed
at professional
entities on the 9,
16, 23 and 30
September 2014, from
9.30 to 14[plus]
Ethnic policy:
theory, concepts,
challenges - Polityka
etniczna: teoria,
koncepcje, wyz

Satfisfying Labour
Demand through
Migration EMN Service
Provider GHK-COWI
EMN, Labour demand,
NL: Expat housing

Buying a house can be
a complex process,
especially if
you’re doing it
for the first time
and [plus]
10 11
9th Iberian Congress
of African Studies

Africa Today –
places and spaces of
transformation The
African Studies
congress of the
Workshop “territory,
best practices and
transfers: dialogue
and reflections from
the praxis”

The Cepaim Foundation
organizes the
following 11th and
12th September the
following workshop:
Human Rights debates:
the repression of
human rights

The Ministry of
Foreign Affairs
(MFA), the Broad
Human Rights
Consultation (BMO)
and SPUI 25 invite [plus]
…“: WIENWOCHE 2014

Migration fights for
rights, rips up
jokes, writes
history, makes love
and therefore changes
Festival All (Todos)
2014 in Lisbon,

The 6th edition of
the Festival All -
Walk of Cultures
(Todos –
Caminhada de
Culturas) will ta[plus]
Allemagne: Social
Remittances in Social
Theory and Pra

Migrants bring
labour, skills and
know-how to the
countries where they
settle, while
instantly cont[plus]
Intercultural Event:
Crafting Fri

Intercultural event
for children and
their parents All
children and their
parents are invited
to en[plus]
Hip Hop Studies:
Global and Local

An international and
symposium showcasing
contemporary studies
of hip hop from est[plus]
Exhibition: Take a
Look Through My Ey

Banya Refugee Camp
seen by the children
who live there. Come
and see the pictures
taken by refugee [plus]
14 15
Find Commonalities,
Celebrate Diversity -
Intercultural Week in

The Intercultural
Week enables people
from all walks of
life, from different
cultures, languages and[plus]
8th Edition of the
festival Imigrarte in
Lisbon, Portug

The 8th edition of
the Imigrarte
festival, an annual
event celebrating the
cultural diversity of the[plus]
conferrence: Foreign
workers in the labour

The conference will
tackle with issues
related to the
protection of
and examine[plus]
Expert Meeting:
Advocacy for Social
Protection and
Integration of People
with Special Needs,
or Seeking

UNHCR Bulgaria and
the Bulgarian Council
on Refugees and
Migrants organize an
expert meeting
Foreign students in
Polish school.
Methodology of
teaching Polish as a
second language -
cudzoziemscy w
polskiej szkole.
Metodyka nauczania
języka polskiego jako drugiego

The aim of the
training is to
support teachers
working in
classrooms in their
Public launch of the
UNHCR’s report from
the Participatory
Assessment on refugee
opportunities and
challenges in

The launch of the
report will include
presentations of the
main findings from
the Participatory
Welcome Culture and

Conference on the
Integration of
migrants (in the job
market) The
centerpiece of the
conference is [plus]
programme for staff
working with refugees
and asylum seekers
who have experienced
sexual violence

Training Programmes
for those working
with refugees and
asylum seekers who
have experienced
sexual v[plus]
Third Cross-Sectoral
Forum on Local
Migration Policies -
międzysektorowe forum
robocze dot.
lokalnych polityk

The objectives of the
Forum are: support
for creation of
modern and open
integration policies tow[plus]
Conference: How to
promote coexistence
with foreign

6th annual conference
of Czech towns and
city districts on
integration of
foreigners on local
Conference on the
migrants in Paris

The Université
Paris Diderot, Paris
13ème, will be
hosting a conference
on the Portugu[plus]
Cities network
congress: Together in

The Congress wants to
present and discuss
the different
approaches of German
and European cities to [plus]
19 20
Peace Run to
highlight the
positive effects of

A special team of IOM
Organisation for
Migration) of 30
people takes part in
the Peac[plus]
NL: Bicycle tour to
introduce newcomers
to Brabant

Welcome to the Heart
of Brabant is an
event organized for
the international
community living in
the [plus]
Intercultural Week

The intercultural
week is an initiative
of the german
churches. It is
celebrated from 21 to
27 sept[plus]
Training for
foreigners: From
Thought to Action -
How to Effectively
Achieve Your Goals? -
Od myślenia do
działania: jak
skutecznie osiągać cele?

The aim of the
training is to help
successfully pursue
their career goals in
Poland, cons[plus]
Third Annual
Conference Migration
and Integration
research in Aus

The Commission for
Migration and
Integration (KMI) of
the Austrian Academy
of Sciences
(ÖAW) an[plus]
How to Teach Your
Mother Tongue as a
Foreign Language? -
Jak nauczać swojego
języka ojczystego
jako obcego?

We offer 35 hour
course preparing
foreigners living in
Poland for the role
of a teacher teaching his[plus]
Presentation of the
in Portugal

Lisbon is one of the
10 partner cities of
the project DELI
– Diversity in
the Economy and Loca[plus]
Conference „Moving to
Germany because of

How to organize
spouses and spouses
who move to Germany
their daily lives?
What qualifications
and [plus]
fair.versity Austria
Die fair.versity
Austria ist die erste
und einzige
Karrieremesse mit dem
Schwerpunkt Diversity
in &O[plus]
Summer academy: HOW

The summer academy
aims at presenting
and discussing
instruments and
mechanisms to
facilitate the im[plus]
LU: Levons les
barrières de la
discrimination dans
le champ des

Le CET et le Service
acute; des chances
entre femmes et
hommes de la[plus]
Arriving in a country
of immigration -
ethnic diversity as a
role model

Germany is a country
of immigration. In
this seminar the
positive aspects of
immigration and of div[plus]
Teaching in a
classroom - Nauczanie
przedmiotowe w klasie

The aim of the
training is to
support teachers
working in
classrooms in their
Conference: "Nations
of Estonia - into the

This year's Day of
Estonian Nations will
be celebrated in Kumu
Art Museum
auditorium with a
Webinar: From the
Boardroom to the
Decision Table -
Training Diverse

If visible minorities
and immigrants make
up a growing share of
the urban population,
why are they s[plus]
"Come to Stay!" 50
years of labour
migration in Austria

Österreich 1964:
Während des
nach dem Zweiten
Weltkrieg herrscht Ar[plus]
Conference on the
binational marriages
in Lisbon, Por

University Institute
of Lisbon will be
hosting a conference
on the evolution and p[plus]
Police professionals
and researchers share
experiences and
knowledge on ethnic

The Anne Frank House
is organizing a
conference on police
professionalism and
ethnic profiling.
Free workshop for
foreign spouses of
repatriates: Legality
of employment in
Poland after
amendment of the law

Topics of the
training: 25.09.2014
od 11:00-13:00
Types of contracts.
Negotiating working
and [plus]
Symposium on
Migration Trends
between Bosnia and
Herzegovina and

This symposium has a
twofold dimension
which we find
relevant to migration
research and studies. It [plus]
Neighbours day
From September 26-28,
the Oranje Fonds
organizes the annual
Day.’ A
Migrating Doctors?
Mobility of Doctors
and Health Care
Professionals in
Europe – Past and

The conference is
dedicated to
physicians, PhD
candidates, students, psyc[plus]
Second PICM
conference on
migration and
cooperation policies
of the EU

The 26 September
2014, the
Cooperation and
Migration Platform
(PICM), with the
Drongo Festival 20

DRONGO is for anyone
who lives in, and
wants to explore the
modern multilingual
world. Is my la
Deculturation and
education. Methods,
results and tr

The interactive
structured autumn
academy deals with
the investigation of
migration and
Ireland: We are
family: faces of
family support and
community culture

In 2014, the newly
formed TUSLA Child
and Family Agency
proffered a new
culture of work with
Conference on the
establishment of new
arrivals in the

The conference is
aimed primarily at
those who are working
with integration of
foreign-born people i[plus]
Réussir l'intégration

L'intégration réussie des ressortissants des pays tiers présents dans les États membres de l'Union européenne est d'une importance vitale pour renforcer la liberté, la sécurité et la justice en Europe.

Le Portail européen sur l'intégration offre aux praticiens une collection de bonnes pratiques ainsi qu'un éventail d'outils et d'informations pour une intégration réussie.


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