Fiche d'informations par pays

Fiche d’information par pays Pays-Bas

Ministère responsable

As of 5 November 2012 overall responsibility for integration has moved from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations [L Dutch] / [L English] to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment [L Dutch] / [L English]

Autres ministères impliqués

For integration abroad the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment cooperates closely with:

For subjects such as sport, education, culture, healthcare, employment and a number of other integration related matters, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment cooperates closely with other ministries such as :

Programmes ou documents de politiques

  • Integration Agenda (Letter to Parliament 19 February 2013) [D Dutch]
  • Progress report on prevention of discrimination 2012 - December 2012 [D Dutch]
  • Manual for local communities: Living together reduces differences - November 2012 [D Dutch]
  • National programme on prevention of forced marriages - July 2012 [D Dutch]
  • Family Migration Letter [D Multilingual]
  • Q&As Civic Integration Abroad Act (WIB)
    [D English]
  • Facts and Figures on Integration 2012
    [D Dutch]


  • Civic Integration Act
    [D Dutch]
  • Amendments to Civic Integration Act (in force from January 2013) [D Dutch]
  • Civic Integration Abroad Act  (WIB) 
    [L Dutch]
  • Aliens Act
    [L Dutch]
  • Equal Treatment Act [D Dutch]

Informations relatives aux financements et aux subventions

See the Web Site's national funding page:

Etudes d'impact, rapports et évaluations

  • Perceived discrimination in the Netherlands [D English]
  • Closer to each other? The social cultural integration on non-western migrants in the Netherlands by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research [D Multilingual]
  • Evaluation on the law on local anti-discrimination provisions - October 2012 [D Dutch]
  • Evaluation of the Civic Integration Act Abroad [D Multilingual]
  • Evaluation of Civic Integration Act [D Multilingual]
  • Integration Report 2013 [D Dutch]
  • Integration Report 2012 [D Dutch]
  • Integration Report 2011 [D Dutch]
  • Integration Report 2010 [D Dutch]
  • Integration Report 2010 (summary) [D English]
  • Integration Report 2009 (At Home in the Netherlands: Trends in Integration of Non-Western Migrants) [D Dutch]
  • At a disadvantage: Discrimination agains non-western migrants on the Dutch labour market [D Dutch]
  • Racism, extreme right violence and discrimination in the Netherlands 2010 – 2011 [D Dutch]
  • Action Plan Discrimination 2010 [D English

Agences de recherche et de statistiques

Agences mettant en oeuvre les programmes d'intégration

  • Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) / Institute for the Implementation of Education [L Dutch]

Parties prenantes

The Dutch government cooperates with shifting coalitions and partnerships in relation to the integration issues at stake.

  • FORUM Instituut voor Multiculturele Vraagstukken /Institute for Multicultural Affairs 
    [L Multilingual]
  • Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten / Association of Dutch Municipalities
    [L Multilingual]
  • WRR Wetenschappelijke raad voor het regeringsbeleid / Scientific Council for Government Policy
    [L Dutch] / [L English]
  • RMO Raad voor Maatschappelijke Ontwikkeling/ Council for social development
    [L Dutch]
  • Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs (ACVZ)
    [L Dutch] / [L English]
  • Inspraakorgaan Turken in Nederland / Consultative Body for Turks in  the Netherlands
    [L Dutch]
  • Samenwerkingsverband van Marokkanen in Nederland / Cooperation Association of Moroccans in the Netherlands
    [L Dutch]
  • Inspraakorgaan chinezen/Consultative body Chinese community
    [L Multilingual]
  • Overlegorgaan Caribische Nederlanders/Consultative body Caribbean Dutch people
  • [L Dutch]
  • Vluchtelingenorganisaties Nederland/Refugee organisations of the Netherlands
  • [L Multilingual]
  • Surinaams Inspraakorgaan/Consultative body Suriname
    [L Dutch]
  • BUAT, platform voor Molukkers/Platform organisation for Moluccans
    [L Dutch]
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d l m m j v s
Conflict resolution
in a multicultural
environment -
konfliktów w

The training is
directed primarily to
epmloyees of NGOs
working with
foreigners from
outside the Eur[plus]
Nothing about us
without us - l

Which problems do
foreigners face every
day? Is Polish
migration law clear
and profitable for
Gekommen und
geblieben - 50 Jahre

schloss im Jahr 1964
mit der Türkei
und 1966 mit dem
Jugoslawien ein[plus]
Ireland: 4th Annual
Dublin African Film
Festival (DAFF)

The 4th Annual Dublin
African Film Festival
(DAFF) 2014 will
start from October 2
- 4 across Dublin [plus]
1st International
Congress on Cultural
Diversity and
Conflict in the
European Union

On 2 and 3 October
2014 the 1st
Congress on Cultural
Diversity and
Conflict in the Eur[plus]
Free workshop on job
search in Poland for
third country
nationals - Bezpłatne
warsztaty na temat
poszukiwania pracy w
Polsce dla
obcokrajowców spoza UE

The workshop is
designed for
foreigners searching
for a job who wish to
change their current
job or [plus]
Living together in
diversity, solving
conflicts, creating
an inclusive Eur

The training focuses
on the connection of
intercultural and
international (youth)
work and the prom[plus]
Migrant laborers.
territory and
seasonal work in
contemporary Italy:
discussion between
history and social

October 3, 2014,
10-18  Rome,
Centro Studi
Emigrazione, Via
Dandolo 58  The
seminar aims[plus]
Teacher training
civic educati

On October 3th, The
Anne Frank House
together with Amnesty
ProDemos and Movies
that M[plus]
5 6
Migrants and
migration in media
and public opinion -
Call for Paper

In the recent media
coverage the
connection between
migration and crisis
is doubled. On the
one han[plus]
Federal Congress
Inter Culture

The current
developments of
Homeland Concepts
will be presented and
discussed for three
days in lect[plus]
The unused resources
of cultures

Discussion on
multiculturality and
national cohesion.
Can they be combined?
What can the public
7 8
Les Assises
nationales des
partenaires du
Réseau. Histoire de
l'immigration et

Au fil de cette
“Histoire de
l’immigration et l[plus]
9 10
Training for “Teacher
L2, specialized for
refugees and
vulnerable mi

On October 10 the
second edition of the
training course
“Teacher L2,
specialized for
asylum se[plus]
12 13 14 15
12th Berlin Days of
Dialogue 2014

The main issue of the
dialogue days 2014 is
"Every success has a
story." As in
previous years, a
Women of the world -
multiculturalism in
perinatal care -
Kobiety świata -
wielokulturowość w
opiece o

The training is
dedicated to midwives
and physicians
who meet in
their practice with
women from[plus]
Conference 1914-2014:
Lessons from History?
Citizenship Education
and Conflict

One hundred years
after the start of
the First World War,
this 'great seminal
catastrophe of the 20t[plus]
17 18
Diversity and
Integration in the
Classroom 2014

A trainee program in
the U.S. for aspiring
German teachers with
immigrant b
19 20
Clear communication,
sensitive consulting,
negotiations: Dealing
with diversity among

Diversity compentency
is key for target
group oriented legal
counselling. Lawyers
deal with diverse [plus]
21 22
10th International
Congress of the
Hellenic Geographical

Migration processes,
transnationalism and
mobilities in Europe
in times o[plus]
XXII basic course in
medicine of migration

The XXII edition of
the basic course in
medicine migration
promoted by Caritas
of Rome under the pat[plus]
Conference: Borders
in Social Policy,
boundaries of Social

The Annual Conference
of Social PolicyThe
theme focuses on two
aspects of
processes: o[plus]
New Era of Expat
The main objective of
the Congress will be
to present multiple
views on the
phenomenon of global ec[plus]
26 27 28 29 30
NL: The future of
diversity policies in
the National Police

After more than a
decade of diversity
policies, the
national police Corps
organises a diversity
day [plus]
Réussir l'intégration

L'intégration réussie des ressortissants des pays tiers présents dans les États membres de l'Union européenne est d'une importance vitale pour renforcer la liberté, la sécurité et la justice en Europe.

Le Portail européen sur l'intégration offre aux praticiens une collection de bonnes pratiques ainsi qu'un éventail d'outils et d'informations pour une intégration réussie.


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