Fiche d'informations par pays

Fiche d’information par pays Finlande

Ministère responsable

Autres ministères impliqués

National level

Regional and Local levels

  • Employment and Economic Development Centres (15), under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy,  are responsible for regional coordination of the integration of immigrants, the reception of asylum seekers, the planning, guidance and monitoring of reception of beneficiaries of temporary protection, and other duties assigned separately
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Employment Offices: employment, guidance, integration training, personal integration plans etc.
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Municipalities have the general responsibility to coordinate the integration of immigrants in co-operation with local actors (employment offices and NGO’s etc.)
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Finnish Regional Councils
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Regional State Administrative Agencies
    [L Finnish] / [L English]

Programmes ou documents de politiques

  • Government Resolution on the Government Integration Programme. The Government's focus areas for 2012-2015
    [D Multilingual]


  • Laki kotoutumisen edistämisestä 2010 / Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration 2010 [L Finnish]
  • Nationality Act 2003 [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Yhdenvertaisuuslaki (21/2004) / Non-Discrimination Act (21/2004)
    [D Finnish] / [D English]
  • Ulkomaalaislaki (301/2004)
    / Aliens Act 301/2004, amendments up to 1152/2010
    [D Finnish] / [D English]
  • Laki kansainvälistä suojelua hakevan vastaanotosta 17.6.2011/746 / Act on the applicant's international protection at the reception 17.6.2011/746
    [D Finnish]

Informations relatives aux financements et aux subventions

  • Finland’s Slot Machine Association: Funding activities
    [L English]
  • Kone Foundation, Koneen säätiö [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Foundation for Municipal Development / Kunnallisalan kehittämissäätiö [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, Jenny ja Antti Wihurin rahasto [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Turku University Foundation, Turun yliopistosäätiö [L Multilingual]
  • The Finnish Cultural Foundation/Suomen Kulttuurirahasto [L Finnish] /[L English]
  • The Emil Aaltonen Foundation/Emil Aaltosen säätiö [L Finnish]
  • Majaoja-säätiö [L Finnish]
  • Turku University Foundation/Turun yliopistosäätiö [L Multilingual]

Etudes d'impact, rapports et évaluations

  • 2nd Government Report on Implementation of the Integration Act - 2008 
    [D Multilingual]
  • Evaluation Report of the Participative Integration in Finland Project 2013
  • Monitoring of discrimination in Finland - a proposal for national monitoring and reporting system - 2007
    [D Multilingual]
  • Discrimination in the Finnish Labour Market - An Overview and a Field Experiment on Recruitment 2012 [D English]
  • Overall Review of Integration 2013 (published by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy on 23 October 2013) / Kotoutumisen kokonaiskatsaus 2013 [D Finnish]
  • How Do Municipalities Integrate? (2006) -  Results from the inquiry on the implementation of the Integration Act in 2005
    [D Finnish]
  • – Information and public services necessary in everyday life in Finland: Migration pages
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • / : Information on Non-discrimination Act and equality planning:
    [L Finnish] / [L English]                      

Agences de recherche et de statistiques

  • ETMU / The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • CEREN / Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (Swedish School of Social Science)
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Siirtolaisuusinstituutti / Institute of Migration
    [L Finnish] / [L English]
  • Statistics Finland [L Finnish] / [L English] 
  • Helsingin kaupungin tietokeskus / The Urban Research Unit of Helsinki [L Finnish] / [L English]

Agences mettant en oeuvre les programmes d'intégration

Parties prenantes

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Considering the
Lusophone World:
Multicultural, and

The field of
Lusophone Studies
spans continents and
countries, making it
a transnational and
Unlocking the
Potential of Migrants
in Europe

La stratégie
européenne de
2020 ainsi que le
Programme de
reconnaissent le p[plus]
Migration and

Migration and
mobility are often
perceived to be and
discussed as
different phenomena.
Migration te[plus]
4 5
Festiva East in the
Park 2014

The East in the Park
festival provides a
platform for
centers and artists
related in [plus]
6 7
International Summer
School “Cultures,
Migrations, Bo

For the third year
the Department of
Social Anthropology
and History of the
University of the
Ireland: European
launch of Foundations
for Work (FfW)

Limerick is proud to
host the European
launch of Foundations
for Work (FfW). FfW
is an innovative, m[plus]
The legal position
of third country
nationals in the EU:
the case study of
Cameroon nati

The Centre for
Migration Law invites
you to their next
Wine and Discussion
meeting. During the
14. KASUMAMA Afrika
Festival 2014

Von 9. bis 13. Juli
bietet der Verein
KASUMAMA wieder ein
Programm, das die
BE: présentation de
démographique de la
population d’origine
marocaine en

Le Centre
Migration et le
Centre de recherche
en démographie
et soci&ea[plus]
11 12
Training in cultural
sensitivity - Trening

The workshop is
addressed to
volunteers and
employees of NGOs and
public institutions
dealing with a[plus]
13 14 15
For a new narrative
on Mediterranean
future: a perspective
from south of Europe.
An open dialogue
between st

For a new narrative
on Mediterranean
future. A perspective
from South of Europe
and Euro-Med area. [plus]
Ireland:Bridging the
Gap - performing art

Are you interested in
Arts, Films, Media,
Drama or
Entertainment as a
whole. Here's a
chance for you[plus]
NL: College 'How to
help young people
imrpove their
language skill

Do you want to know
more about helping
young people with
their language
skills? Come on 16
July, to [plus]
NL: Iftar invitation
to citizens of A

The foundation Care
for Muslims invite
you to the Iftar meal
on 17 July 2014. The
meal will take pla[plus]
18 19
Open day and free
Dutch trial les

Do you want to learn
Dutch in a fun and
social environment?
This is your chance
to get to know Koent[plus]
20 21 22 23
Inclusion etc.

In the current
discourse different
terms are being used,
such as integration,
diversity management, [plus]
Meet & Greet: Welcome
to the Maastricht

Coming from abroad
and new to the
Maastricht Region?
Then check out this
monthly get together
Multicultural Market
in Enschede 2014

This summer, the
Multicultural Market
will take place again
in the bustling
center of the city of En[plus]
Finding Dutch Flow: a
workshop that will
help you learn Dutch

Finding the 'Dutch
Flow' is a very
special workshop,
organised by Albert
Both. It will help
you thin[plus]
6. Dialogforum -
Summer School 2014

Das Dialogforum
widmet sich bereits
zum sechsten Mal
 zu Migration un[plus]
Ireland: Exploring
the mental health
care experiences of
African migrants

Cairde is
collaborating with
School of Nursing and
Midwifery, Trinity
College Dublin to
explore the [plus]
29 30 31
Réussir l'intégration

L'intégration réussie des ressortissants des pays tiers présents dans les États membres de l'Union européenne est d'une importance vitale pour renforcer la liberté, la sécurité et la justice en Europe.

Le Portail européen sur l'intégration offre aux praticiens une collection de bonnes pratiques ainsi qu'un éventail d'outils et d'informations pour une intégration réussie.


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