Fiche d'informations par pays

Fiche d’information par pays Bulgarie

Ministère responsable

Autres ministères impliqués

Programmes ou documents de politiques

  • Национална стратегия в областта на миграцията, убежището и интеграцията 2011-2020 / National Strategy in the Field of Migration, Asylum and Integration 2011-2020 [D Bulgarian] / [D English
  • Национална програма за интеграция на бежанци 2011 - 2013/ National Programme for Integration of Refugees in Republic of Bulgaria 2011 - 2013 [D Multilingual]
  • Национална стратегия по миграция и интеграция 2008-2015 (НСМИ) / National Strategy for Migration and Integration 2008-2015 (NSMI) [D Multilingual]
  • Актуализирана стратегия по заетостта на Р България 2008-2015 / Updated National Employment Strategy 2008-2015 [D Multilingual]
  • Национален план за действие по заетостта 2013/ National Employment Action Plan 2013 [D Bulgarian]
  • Национална стратегия за демографско развитие на република България 2006-2020/ National Demographic Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria 2006 – 2020 [D Multilingual]
  • Национална стратегия за учене през целия живот 2008-2013 / National Strategy for Lifelong Learning 2008-2013  [D English] / [D Bulgarian]
  • Национална стратегия за осигуряване на равни възможности на хората с увреждания 2008-2015 г. / National Strategy for Equal Opportunities for Disabled People 2008-2015 [D Bulgarian]
  • Съвместен меморандум по социално включване/ Joint Memorandum on Social Inclusion in the Republic of Bulgaria [D Bulgarian]


  • Закон за чужденците в Република България / Law on the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria - September 1998 (last amendment on 2 August 2013) – State Gazette No. 68 [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за влизането, пребиваването и напускането на Република България на гражданите на Европейския съюз и членовете на техните семейства/ Law on Entering, Residing and Leaving the Republic of Bulgaria of European Union Citizens and Members of Their Families - January 2007 (last amendment as from 13 March 2012, State Gazette No. 21) [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за насърчаване на заетостта/ Law on Encouragement of Employment - December 2001 (last amendment as from 2 August 2013, State Gazette No 68) [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за убежището и бежанците/ Law on Asylum and Refugees - December 2002 (last amendment as from 26 July 2013, State Gazette No. 66) [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за защита от дискриминация / Law on Protection from Discrimination - January 2004 (last amendment on 2 August 2013, State Gazette No. 68) [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за българското гражданство / Law on Bulgarian Citizenship – February 1999 (last updated as from 2 August 2013, State Gazette No.68) [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за признаване на професионални квалификации/Law for recognition of professional qualifications - February 2008 (last amendment as from 2 August 2013, State Gazette No 68) [D Bulgarian]
  • Закон за професионалното образование и обучение/ Law on Vocational Education and Training – July 1999 (last amendment on 9 August 2013, State Gazette No. 70) [D Bulgarian]

Informations relatives aux financements et aux subventions

  • Национален план за действие по заетостта 2013 (с приложения) и бюджета на Министерството на труда и социалната политика/National Employment Action Plan (with Annexes) and the Budget of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy [D Bulgarian]
  • Европейски фонд за интеграция на граждани на трети страни за периода 2007-2013/ European Fund for Integration of Third-country Nationals 2007-2013 [L English]
  • Европейски бежански фонд / European Refugee Fund [L Multilingual]

Etudes d'impact, rapports et évaluations

  • План 2010 за изпълнение на НСМИ / Action Plan for 2010 Implementing the National Strategy of Bulgaria on Migration and Integration (2008 - 2015) [D Bulgarian]
  • План за действие за 2013 г. по изпълнението на Националната стратегия в областта на миграцията, убежището и интеграцията (2011-2020 г.) /Action plan for 2013 for the implementation of the National Strategy in the Field of Migration, Asylum and Integration 2011-2020 [D Bulgarian

Agences de recherche et de statistiques

  • National Statistical Institute [L Multilingual]
  • Centre for Population Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences [L Bulgarian]/[L English]
  • Centre for Interreligious Dialogue and Conflict Prevention at the Scientific Research Department of Sofia University                                         
  • Bulgarian Centre for Human Relations at the New Bulgarian University[L Bulgarian]/[L English]
  • Open Society Institute Sofia [L Bulgarian]/[L English]
  • European Institute [L Multilingual]
  • Centre for European Refugee, Migration and Ethnic Studies [L Multilingual]
  • ASA Research & Consulting Agency for Socio-economic Analyses [L Bulgarian]/[L English]
  • BARDA Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centres [L Bulgarian]/[L English]
  • Centre for the Study of Democracy [L Bulgarian] / [L English]

Agences mettant en oeuvre les programmes d'intégration

Parties prenantes


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2014 International
Metropolis C

conferences explore
migration phenomena
and related issues,
putting forward a
broad array[plus]
Presentation of the
“XX Report on
Migration – ISMU

On November 3rd, the
XXReport on Migration
of the ISMU
Foundation will be
presented. During the
Germany: Symposium -
Community Education

In European education
policies and
practices community
education as a
learning is[plus]
Workshop in Budapest:
Qualitative methods
in migration
research: Challenges
and opportunities -
Kvalitatív módszerek
a migrációkutatásban:
kihívások és

ICCR Budapest
Foundation organises
its fifth workshop on
methodologies in
migration and int[plus]
Call to Europe IV.
Building solidarity
in asylum polic

Call to Europe
IV will focus on
the need to
construct a new
progressive narrative
Migration and its
Implications for the
Central European Area"

Slovak Commission for
Programme in
collaboration with
the National
Commission for UNES[plus]
Attitudes to Welfare,
Migration and Europe:
at the Frontier of
Survey Research

Workshop coordinated
by Prof. Maurizio
Ferrera, within
the framework of the
European project RE[plus]
Training for
teachers: Conflict
resolution and
mediation in
education -
konfliktów i mediacja
wielokulturowa w

The training is aimed
at teachers,
pedagogues and school
psychologists working
with third country na[plus]
International Forum
on the Role of Labor
Unions in Work
Migration in EU

This forum is
organized in the
effort to advance
collaboration between
non-EU migrants and
Czech and[plus]
The Day of

The Board of Appeal's
Unit for
has invited all
municipalities to
"The Day[plus]
Qualification in the
Czech Republic

This conference
explores the theme of
Qualification and
De-Qualification of
Migrant Workers on
the [plus]
Short course on
asylum law and
foreigners’ law in

Between 3rd and 7th
November 2014, the
Faculty of Law of the
New University of
Lisbon will organize [plus]
NL: Multicultural
concert in

On 8 November 2014
the Band of Musical
EMS holds its annual
RaboConcert; but this
year the concert w[plus]
International Day
Against Fascism and
Antisemitism 2014

It happened then
– It happens
again This is the
motto of
UNITED’s this
year’s 9th[plus]
Fundamental Rights
Conference 2014
focuses on mi

The Strategic
Guidelines for
legislative and
policy planning in
the area of freedom,
security and ju[plus]
Workshop REPOR:
Migrant Descendants
and Return in Li

The coordination of
the project REPOR -
the Luso-Descendant
in Portugal: Ide[plus]
Education of children
of migrant origi

This round table is
organized by the
Forum for Freedom in
Education, together
with its partners the [plus]
Interculturalism and
cultural policy

The general objective
of this cicle of 5
lectures is to
promote a debate
about the link
between the [plus]
8th International
Conference on
Nondiscrimination and
Equal Opp

The main object of
the NEDES conference
is to offer
stakeholders and
experts in the field
of human r[plus]
Ireland: The Road of
a Migrant:
Researching Ukrainian
Labour Migration to
the EU seminar

This talk will trace
Olena Fedyuk’s
work on Ukrainian
female migrant
workers in different
Gender and Migration.
The Intersectional
challenges of Social

The key objective of
this Conference is to
articulate the debate
surrounding issues of
gender and mi[plus]
Educating: The
perspective of
migrant parents

On 13 November 2014
(9:30 to 16:30 hours)
migrant parents,
young migrants and
professionals are
Seminar: Data
Collection and Data
Production in
Migration Rese

On Friday 14
November, the Dutch
Association for
Migration Research
(DAMR) organises a
seminar entit[plus]
Week of Toler

One week of events in
Viana do Castelo,
Portugal, to promote
the integration of
immigrants and the i[plus]
Report on
Protection in Italy
in 2014

Report on
Protection in Italy
in 2014 Monday,
November 17, 2014
9.30 -12.30 Centro C[plus]
First of all
citizens: school,

First of all
citizens: school,
education Organized
by Department of
Ireland: Yellow Flag
Awards 2014

The Yellow Flag Team
are delighted to
announce that our
annual YF Awards
ceremony will be held
this [plus]
NL: Free Expat
Housing Seminar

On 18 November 2014
(6.30pm –
8.30pm) four expert
organisations provide
an Expat housing
Helping Children and
Youth with Migrant
Background Succeed:
Making schools matter
for all

Five years since the
Parliament resolution
and Council
Conclusion on the
education of children
and y[plus]
1st Round Table
Diversity and
Economy, Projeto
DELI, in Lisbon

The Lisbon team of
the Project DELI
– Diversity in
the Local Economy and
Integration will host[plus]
Conference: Public
Spaces and Private
Lives in the
Contemporary City in
Lisbon, Portugal

Between 19th and 21st
November 2014, the
Faculty of Social and
Human Sciences of the
New University [plus]
Annual FERA
Conference on
Education 2014

The FERA Conference
on Education 2014
will be dealing with
the diversified
environments of
Religion in Vienna:
Urban Trends in a
European Context

The WIREL conference
“Religion in
Vienna: Urban Trends
in a European
Context” will
Conference: Migration
and European Social

The aim of the
conference is to
present outcomes and
disseminate good
practices of the
migration and[plus]
My company in Poland.
Setting up and
running a business
step by step - Moja
firma w Polsce.
Zakładanie i
gospodarczej krok po kroku

During the training
foreigners will:
develop an idea for
choose an o
Conference "Diversity
in health care?

The experts event
will provide an
introduction to
fundamental topics to
health and disease
in an in[plus]
Ireland: National
Demonstration: End
Direct Provis

On Universal
Children’s Day
there will be a
Demonstration in
Dublin City.
Gathering a[plus]
21 22
The children stand up
for their chi

"Children have the
right to games and
recreation! Children
need protection from
the bullying at scho[plus]
3rd edition of the
Next Door Family in

The High Commission
for Migrations (ACM,
I.P.) in Portugal is
sponsoring the 2014
edition of the eve[plus]
Greece: Equal
citizens: Interactive

The NGO Generation
2.0 for Rights,
Equality &
Diversity invites you
to an interactive
event rela[plus]
24 25 26
Conference: Migration
and En

The conference is
composed of two
parts. The first
block focuses on
current Czech, as
well as Europe[plus]
NIC 2014 – "Wie
politisch ist

Bildung ist ein
Sammelbegriff und
mitunter auch
Spain: XIV Technical
Seminar on Foreign
Immigration in

The Technical Seminar
on Foreign
Immigration in
Tenerife is one of
the most important
events that th[plus]
8th Forum for
Citizenship in
Seixal, Portug

This year’s
Forum for Citizenship
organized by the
municipality of
Seixal (Metropolitan
Area o[plus]
Families and
immigration. Meeting
from CISF
(International Center
on Family Studies)
Report 2014

Families and
immigration. Meeting
from CISF
(International Center
on Family Studies)
Report 2014 No[plus]
Symposium: Who cares
for the elderly

This symposium is
organised as the
closing event of the
two projects the
'Older Migrant's
Voice' and[plus]
Réussir l'intégration

L'intégration réussie des ressortissants des pays tiers présents dans les États membres de l'Union européenne est d'une importance vitale pour renforcer la liberté, la sécurité et la justice en Europe.

Le Portail européen sur l'intégration offre aux praticiens une collection de bonnes pratiques ainsi qu'un éventail d'outils et d'informations pour une intégration réussie.


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