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Denmark: Should foreigners be allowed to vote in ‘Hulabula-land’?

17/03/2013 - Denmark - English

Posted by : Country Coordinator Denmark

Many call Dansk Folkeparti's suggestion to bar foreigners from voting in local elections a counterproductive move, as the right to vote increases integration.

Who should or should not be allowed to vote? It’s a question that sits at the heart of the concept of democracy and one that is far from settled.

Excluded from parliamentary elections, many foreigners living in Denmark have the right to vote in council and European elections – EU citizens residing in Denmark are given the vote automatically while others have to wait four years.

Not everyone is happy to have foreigners meddling in their affairs, however. Recently, a Dansk Folkeparti (DF) mayoral candidate in Vejle caused a media stir when he told a local newspaper that he thought it was absurd that foreigners could have a say so quickly after arriving in the country.



Source : The Copenhagen Post



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