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Private funding

Grants programmes

Funding information in this section refers to funding made available by private foundations, trusts and other types of grant-making organisations.


Name of the foundation/trust Country Programme/page title
Amadeu Antonio Stiftung Germany Grants information The foundation supports small local projects and initiatives in Germany with the aim of strengthening democratic values, fostering integration and fighting right-wing extremism. The foundation offers both consulting services and financial support.
Anna Lindh Foundation in Poland / Fundacja im. Anny Lindh Polska Poland Grants information One way in which the Anna Lindh Foundation fulfils its mission is by providing grants to civil society organisations, through an annual Call for Proposals to select the best initiatives for intercultural dialogue, including interreligious dialogue. The Call is focused on thematic issues in line with each year’s priorities.
Atlantic Philanthropies Ireland Reconciliation and Human Rights

Grants information
AP considers proposals by invitation only, primarily from organisations in Australia, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United States and Viet Nam. AP searches for institutions that demonstrate strong organisational leadership, evidence of past and current impact, financial soundness and the capacity to implement initiatives and evaluate their success.
Barrow Cadbury Trust UK Migration

Migration Funding
The Trust wants to fund grassroots groups working with refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and other marginalised migrants. BCT seeks to enable grassroots groups to support the most vulnerable migrants. The Trust also seeks to empower migrants and ensure they are not excluded from the public debate on migration.
Compagnia di San Paolo Italy Research The Compagnia's strategies in the Research field has the following cross-sector guidelines: action to strengthen the pre-competitive factors of development,  creation of a critical mass to exploit scientific and technological excellence, priority given to "innovation", constant attention paid to the evaluation of results, and the opening up to a European and international dimension.
Compagnia di San Paolo Italy Education

Grants information
The commitment of the Compagnia in the Education sector is focused on two levels: on university and post-graduate education and on that of the school system, including the pre-school stage. Support for innovation and qualitative growth in the educational process will regard all stages of education, with particular emphasis both on the promotion of excellence and equal opportunities of access. In this framework distinction should be made between the areas of direct intervention by the Compagnia and those of the Fondazione per la Scuola, its instrumental body of reference for this sector, bearing in mind the exclusively operating role of the latter.
Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund UK

Refugee and Asylum-seeker Initiative

Grants information

The desired outcome of the initiative is that the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK are upheld. The initiative has three objectives, with specific approaches and planned activities for each: (1) Change immigration legislation to meet international standards on children's rights and ensure the priority of the best interests of the child (2) Encourage the fair and humane treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum (3) Disseminate good practice
Egmont Fonden Denmark Support Areas

Grants information
In this area, the Foundation continues to further develop its practice of supporting innovative projects aimed at improving the care of children or conditions for bringing up children and young people. Children and young people with special physical or mental states which result in them living under difficult conditions, need special care. The Foundation is mindful of their need, but pioneering projects to promote the rights, interests and good living conditions of children and young people in general, is also accorded very high priority.
ENAR Foundation Belgium ENAR Foundation Awards The ENAR Foundation’s vision is to support the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), its member organisations and the broader anti-racist community in achieving their vision by putting at their disposal all possible financial and human resources and being the vehicle for their ambitions and projects. Achieving a racism-free European society and maximising the benefits of a diverse society for all: these are the ultimate objectives and challenges the ENAR Foundation has set up for itself.
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation UK Main Fund

Grants information
The Foundation will prioritise work that addresses a significant gap in provision; develops or strengthens good practice; challenges convention or takes a risk in order to address a difficult issue; tests out new ideas or practices; takes an enterprising approach to achieving its aims; sets out to influence policy or change behaviour more widely.
European Cultural Foundation Netherlands Grants The Foundation's mobility fund stimulates and supports cross-cultural creative projects in a wider Europe, enabling artists and cultural workers to collaborate, exchange, network and explore unfamiliar ground and different ways of working.
Evens Foundation Belgium Peace Education

For more than 10 years now, the Evens Foundation has been dedicated to the field of education (in and out of school). It strives to support or set up projects and programs that promote the development of intercultural competences. The latter comprise the skills, attitudes and cognitive characteristics people acquire to deal with diversity in an active, adequate and flexible way. Diversity as it appears in any social interaction, but also in the learning content in a classroom context.
VSB Funds Netherlands

Encounters between people from different worlds


Labour and Voluntary Action


Quality of Life Fund

We support initiatives where people meet, so that they know, understand and respect each other. We therefore encourage different types of encounters. We think  here of encounters between people from different worlds, as different generations and cultures.


Help for people to participate in the labour market or a voluntary activity by either helping them complete their studies or prevent them from leaving their studies unfinished


A fund for people who are not able to improve their own quality of life or break free from isolation.

Fund for Participation of the Elderly Netherlands Cultural participation The Fund wants to give an impetus to the development of cultural and creative skills of older people and and actively encourage older people to participate in the arts and cultural activities. 
F. C. Flick Stiftung gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit, Rassismus und Intoleranz Germany Grants information The mission is to promote tolerance in all areas of culture, and actively oppose right-wing extremism and youth violence. 
Fondation Bernheim Belgium Social Work

Only available in FR

La fondation développe une stratégie de participation au lancement de projets innovants et à long terme qui visent à réaliser les changements nécessaires pour améliorer, de manière durable, la qualité de la vie. 

Au plan de la paix: elle appuiera ou suscitera des projets visant à maintenir la paix et à favoriser l’intégration et la compréhension des cultures différentes existant dans la société; cet objectif est étendu à tous les domaines annexes, comme la défense des droits de l’homme, de la démocratie et les actions humanitaires.

Fondazione di Venezia Italy Work programmes

Grants information

Only available in IT

La Fondazione di Venezia è un patrimonio utilizzato per scopi funzionali alla valorizzazione delle realtà presenti dove ha operato per quasi due secoli la Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia. La privatizzazione di questa banca ha creato il patrimonio. Le finalità per cui tale patrimonio viene gestito si possono raggruppare in tre categorie:formazione, ricerca, valorizzazione dei beni e delle attività culturali.

Ford Foundation USA Human Rights

Grants information
The Foundation supports US organisations at the national, state and local levels that are engaged in immigrant rights advocacy, including efforts to secure comprehensive immigration reform that addresses the realities of migration in both sending and receiving countries. FF also supports institutions that are crucial to building an effective and lasting movement to protect immigrants' rights.
Freudenberg Stiftung Germany Grants information The foundation promotes social, linguistic, educational and occupational integration. In most cases support is focused on children and youth. 
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Portugal Gulbenkian Human Development Programme

Grants information

Through the Gulbenkian Human Development Programme, the Gulbenkian Foundation has supported initiatives that facilitate and further integration. Examples of such initiatives are its work on achieving recognition for the qualifications of immigrant doctors and nurses and their respective integration into the Portuguese National Health System, the distinction of local governments with the best inclusion projects and those immigrants who stand out in Portuguese society for their proactivity and entrepreneurship. 

The Gulbenkian Human Development Programme also supports research projects and takes part in international forums on migration. In addition, the Foundation has created a platform for reflection on the topic: the Gulbenkian Migrations Forum.

Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung Germany

Grants information




The foundation supports innovative projects for integration of immigrant children and youth, primarily in the field of education.

The grant programme “Horizonte” supports prospective teachers with immigrant background during their university education and aims to win over talented school students with immigrant background to the teaching profession.

START-Stiftung Germany


The foundation supports school students with immigrant background to earn a university entrance qualification. 

German Marshall Fund of the United States USA Immigration and Integration

Grants and Fellowships

Grant making is one of GMF's core missions, and through this process, GMF supports a wide range of institutions and individuals working on transatlantic policy issues.  GMF awards grants primarily through six major grant making programs, including one on Immigration.

Immigration grant making is by invitation only.

International Visegrad Fund Slovakia Grants overview

The International Visegrad Fund is an inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion based in Bratislava founded by the gov­ern­ments of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries — the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic — in Štiřín, Czech Republic, on June 9, 2000. The purpose of the Fund is to facil­i­tate and pro­mote the devel­op­ment of closer coop­er­a­tion among V4 coun­tries (and of V4 coun­tries with other coun­tries, espe­cially but not exclu­sively non-EU mem­ber states in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus) through grant sup­port of com­mon cul­tural, sci­en­tific and edu­ca­tional projects, youth exchanges, cross-border projects and tourism pro­mo­tion, and through indi­vid­ual mobil­ity pro­grams (schol­ar­ships, residencies).

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust UK Racial Justice

Grants information

The JRCT seeks to promote racial justice and equality of opportunity as a basis for an harmonious multi-racial, multi-ethnic society in the UK. It funds work addressing issues and policies that affect refugees and asylum seekers.

Its programme operates at three levels: locally (within West Yorkshire), nationally (except Northern Ireland which is funded separately) and at a European level.

King Baudouin Foundation Belgium Migration

The King Baudouin Foundation wants to contribute to an informed debate on migration and integration, and wants to support organisations and other actors (such as journalists) who are helping the Belgian society to face the challenges linked with immigration.  

La Caixa Spain Interculturalism & Social Cohesion (Interculturalidad y cohesión social)

Growing socio-cultural diversity caused by increasing immigration in recent years has prompted "la Caixa" Welfare Projects to implement measures aimed at enhancing intercultural relations and the proper management of cultural diversity to guarantee a unified society.

Migration Foundation United Kingdom Funding in Partnership

The Migration Foundation will develop evidence about how migration works by investing in grassroots initiatives that tackle local issues. We will seek to mobilise a partnership of funders to achieve this so that practice in a wide variety of communities can be tested, evaluated and replicated where possible. By working with partners to match fund, the impacts and understanding of our work will be increased, benefiting all. We aim to develop at least one major initiative every year and are open to joint-funding proposals from other funders in the field of new migration. Our unique position as a funding body and research unit located within a service organisation in contact with over 2,500 new migrants and their communities gives us insights and commitment that we want to use to make sense of migration. Our activities will be grouped around three programme priorities of: 1. Employment and integration; 2. Health and well-being; and 3. Housing and neighbourhoods.

Nadace VIA Czech Republic Serving Communities

Grants information (CZ)
The Via Foundation assists people who have taken the initiative to create positive change in their communities. In cultural heritage, the environment, community development, and youth projects, the means to address clear needs in local communities are blossoming, but are extremely difficult to accomplish due to a lack of funds and experience.
New Eurasia Foundation Russia Migration

Grants information
The NEF is a nongovernmental, noncommercial organisation established in Moscow in 2004. The New Eurasia Foundation improves the lives of Russian citizens by consolidating the efforts and resources of the public, private, and nongovernmental sectors and implementing social and economic development programs at the regional and local levels that are based on the most advanced domestic and international expertise and innovative technologies.
Oak Foundation Switzerland International Human Rights Programme

Grants information

The programme focuses on three human rights enshrined in international law: the right to liberty and security of the person; freedom from torture; and the right to asylum. In particular it seeks to:


  • Improve refugee protection in the global south and in Europe through strengthening guarantees of non-refoulement, fair and impartial determination procedures, and refugee participation in durable solutions;
  • Build the capacity of local human rights activists, communities and networks.


Open Society Foundation USA Human Rights

Grants information
The OSI works to advance human rights and equality around the world in law, governance and society, through programmes that emphasise the rights of minorities.
Open Society Fund Prague / Nadace OSF Praha Czech Republic Migration Programme The Open Society Fund (OSF) Prague was established in 1992 as a member of the international network of Soros foundations. Since the very beginning it has been a significant independent organization with a number of specific features giving it a unique position among Czech foundations: receiving support from a private international donor, it is able to take a flexible approach to the current needs of society; to accept a healthy amount of risk when supporting projects; to support long-term projects aiming to initiate system changes and responding to some controversial issues; to bring into the Czech Republic successful innovative methods, and give systematic support to international cooperation.
Oranje Fonds Netherlands Programme The Oranje Fonds is the largest social fund in the Netherlands. It aims to promote participation in society. Our support brings people together, or enables them to find a new place in society. The Oranje Fonds supports social cohesion and social integration projects such as small-scale community initiatives, mentoring projects for young people, and language programmes.  
Robert Bosch Stiftung Germany

Migration and Integration



Talent im Land

The focus area for migration and integration consists of currently six different grant programmes ranging from expert conferences to local initiatives.  Financial support is available not only in the context of the specific programmes, but also for selected individual projects.


The programme “Talent im Land” provides fellowships to outstanding school students with immigrant backgrounds in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Greece

How to apply

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation, an international philanthropic organization, makes grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and medicine, and social welfare. While prominent in its support of Greek-related initiatives, the Foundation’s activities are worldwide in scope. The Foundation funds institutions and projects that exhibit strong leadership and sound management and that have the potential to achieve a broad and lasting impact.
Stefan Batory Foundation Poland

Civic Coalitions Programme

The programme aims at strengthening NGO coalitions in Visegrad countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) that undertake efforts to articulate civil society interests on the basis of broad citizen involvement and to influence public policy for the common good.
Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft" Germany

EUROPEANS FOR PEACE. Looking back and moving forward

The grant programme supports cross-border projects of schools in several European countries and Israel. It focuses on the intersection of history education, human rights education and contemporary or historical migration/integration issues.

Stiftung Mercator Germany Integration

Within its integration cluster the foundation has set up seven different programmes aiming to reduce inequalities between people of migrant and German origin in the educational system. The programmes range from special instruction for children of migrant origin to expert councils.

Deutschlandstiftung Integration Germany Geh Deinen Weg "Geh’ Deinen Weg" ("Go your way") is a scholarship and mentoring programme to support talented young people with a migration background in their integration efforts. The initiative’s basis is a mentoring programme, exclusive events, and a broad network of fellows and professionals. Up to 200 fellows per year are taken in for a period of two years.
Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland  Germany Vodafone Chancen The programme offers scholarships to students with a migrant backgruond at selected universities.
Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis Germany Schwerpunktbereich Urbane Gärten Through the urban gardening programme the foundation supports people of immigrant and of German background from different social milieus to collectively cultivate the soil in their residential areas.
Stiftung Mitarbeit Germany Werkstatt Vielfalt - Projekte für eine lebendige Nachbarschaft Through this grant programme the foundation supports local youth projects promoting the value of diversity.
Francesc Candel Awards for integration Spain Francesc Candel Awards

Prizes are awarded for good practices by foreign persons who have immigrated to Catalonia and who have contributed to a feeling of public-spiritedness, harmonious cohabitation, a knowledge of the country (language, traditions, geography and history, socio-cultural values), an increasing awareness of the culture of immigration, the participation of women immigrants and young immigrants, contact between Catalans and immigrants, and a positive vision of immigration in the media.

As far as the good practices to be considered for the prizes are concerned, the proposal should state the initial motivation, a description of the characteristics of the action and an evaluation of the results obtained.

Deadline for applications: 20 July 2011

Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grand Duchesse Charlotte Luxembourg Duchesse Charlotte

Since its creation in December 1944, L'Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, has played a prominent role in the organisation and financing of philanthropy and solidarity in Luxembourg. 

Its original objective, which was to help the victims of the Second World War, has expanded over the years to support the many philanthropic activities and projects carried out by foundations and associations in the social, environmental, cultural and sporting fields.

The financial resources are mainly generated by the National Lottery.

The Luxembourg Foundation Luxembourg Luxembourg Foundation

The Fondation de Luxembourg is an independent center of expertise and advise in the field of philanthropy. The Foundation assists European donors in the structuring, development and monitoring of philanthropic projects in Europe and worldwide.

Created by the State of Luxembourg and the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, the Fondation de Luxembourg's mission is to promote and facilitate private philanthropic engagement.

The Swedish Inheritance Fund Sweden

Information (EN)


Information (SE)

The Swedish Inheritance Fund supports non-profit organisation and other voluntary associations wishing to test new ideas for developing activities for children, young people and the disabled.

The Fund wants children, young people and the disabled to be able to take part in influencing developments in society. This is why it gives financial support to projects which children, young people and the disabled take part in organising themselves. The hope is that these projects will then serve as models and spread ideas throughout the country.

The Fund prioritise projects working for gender equality, integration, diversity and accessibility. Programmes must be innovative, stimulate development and lie outside the organisation’s ordinary sphere of activities. Organisations can sometimes also be granted support towards the cost of their premises. Financial support is particularly directed at non-profit organisations, but support can also be granted to local authorities if they cooperate with a non-profit organisation.

Integration and Migration Foundation Our People Estonia Information (ET) The Foundation initiates and supports projects/activities that promote integration in Estonian society and coordinates the efficient use of different resources in this area.  The Foundation is a partner of the ministries responsible for the measures of DP 2008-2013. The activities of the Foundation are funded from the state budget and foreign sources, incl. EU programmes, that are allocated through the budgets of ministries.
Delhaize Group Fund Luxembourg and Belgium Information (FR)


Projects to improve living together in neighborhoods and villages are eligible both in Belgium and in Luxembourg. Only private initiatives on a non-commercial basis are eligible.


The call for projects is until May 14th, 2012, with up to 5,000 euros available per project.


NOS - OSF East - East Programme - Partnership without Borders Slovakia Information (SK)


NOS - OSF East - East Programme - Partnership without Borders is a programme which supports international exchanges and meetings which enable civil society to share ideas, information, knowledge, experiences. 


The programme supports initiatives which strengthen development of civil society on the base of civil society representatives, institutions and organisations from more countries. The main aim is to support initiatiatives to share ideas, knowledge and experiences resulting in practical activities.


International Visegrad Fund Slovakia / International Information 

The International Visegrad Fund is an inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tion based in Bratislava founded by the gov­ern­ments of the Visegrad Group (V4) countries—the Czech Republic, the Republic of Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic—in Štiřín, Czech Republic.


The pur­pose of the Fund is to facil­i­tate and pro­mote the devel­op­ment of closer coop­er­a­tion among V4 coun­tries (and of V4 coun­tries with other coun­tries, espe­cially but not exclu­sively non-EU mem­ber states in Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and the South Caucasus) through grant sup­port of com­mon cul­tural, sci­en­tific and edu­ca­tional projects, youth exchanges, cross-border projects and tourism pro­mo­tion, and through indi­vid­ual mobil­ity pro­grams (schol­ar­ships, residencies).

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation Bulgaria Information (BG)

WCIF's mission is to encourage different communities to take responsibility and to work actively for social development, making full use of local resources.

WCIF calls for funding applications are open to all natural and legal persons, as well as informal community groups that meet the specific requierments of the call.

America for Bulgaria Foundation Bulgaria Information

To develop a vibrant private sector, Bulgaria's disadvantaged poor must be included. There are extremely high levels of unemployment and very low levels of education among the poor. To level the playing field (equal opportunity, not equal outcomes) without special privileges, the foundation seeks to improve, in a measurable way, the levels of education and employment of Bulgaria's economically disadvantaged. Also important are related housing and health care issues.

Metropolitan Migration Foundation UK Metropolitan Migration Foundation

The Metropolitan Migration Foundation has guardianship of a legacy, formerly known as the Ashmore fund, which helps migrants and the communities they live in, including people who are refugees and asylum seekers.

Various Various European Programme for Integration and Migration

EPIM aims to strengthen the role played by NGOs active on migration and integration issues in advocating for a European agenda that benefits migrants and host communities.

Following the successful first phase of the programme, and building on the lessons learnt, the second phase of EPIM has been launched.

This second phase takes a broader perspective and runs from 2008 until 2011. Grants have been made available for short and longer projects (up to 3 years).

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Slovenia - Web
seminar on creative
integration of young
people in advocacy
for social justice

Within the framework
of the international
the Crisis”, in
which the[more]
Round table: In
search of appropriate
tools for integration
at the local level

The debate will bring
together different
connected with
including migrants[more]
Press Conference
Invitation: “Put an
end to the degrading
reality inside the
detention cent

Médecins Sans
invites you to a
Press Conference, on
Tuesday, April 1st, 201[more]
Geschlecht und

Praktiken von
Migrantinnen in
Räumen vom
Südkaukasus bis
Österreich w[more]
Welcome to L

This conference is
part of a range of
events in the city of
Differdange. Varous
migrants' profile an[more]
Day of cultural
diversity: Portugal
and Turkey

Association, the only
representing the
Turkish communi[more]
Training Seminar:
"Principles of
Equality and
Challenges of
Discrimination -
Problems and
Effective Rem

principles of
equality and
are central to any
system of human
rights [more]
Experts Day Migration
and Health 2014

Experts with
knowledge of work
with immigrants will
discuss how to
tackle the challenges
in health [more]
Press conference on
Racist Violenc

The Racist Violence
Recording Network of
UNHCR invites you to
a press conference to
present the resu[more]
Presentation seminar
of the research
findings from the
study “Newly-arrived
immigrants in
Estonia: Options and
Recommendations for a
Comprehensive and
Sustainable Support System”

The main objective of
the study was to
analyse the current
situation and make
recommendations for de[more]
From room of
politics: Integration
policy - Where to

Domus Dorpatensis
hosts the next panel
discussion in the
series of "Front room
of politics" on i
Ready for
learning ?

The intercultural
pedagogy will be
presented by
professor Marianne
Krüger- Potratz
from the Uni[more]
Greece: Education and

Recent decades have
seen Greece become a
host country for
development that
11th European
Integration Forum

The 11th Integration
Forum will take place
on 3rd April 2013 on
the topic "Ten Years
With the Common[more]
Ireland: DFI National
Conference, Citizen
Engagement - Local
Government By Local

This conference will
explore people with
engagement as
citizens in their
Open Generation E

JOIN US for an
evening of
photography, video
screenings and debate
on Thursday the 3rd
of April betw[more]
Migration debate of
the candidates to the
European Par

Normal 0 21
false false false

7th annual academic

This conference will
study the impact of
both population
decline and
population growth on
Annual Academic
Conference 2014

Migration continues
to radically
rearrange the makeup
of populations all
over the world.
Migrants ar[more]
ADUQUA workshop
European Grundtvig
Network project
ADUQUA (Quality
Assurance in
Integration Training
for Adult Migra[more]
3rd Seminar of
Studies on Brazilian
Migration in Eur

The 3rd Seminar on
the Studies of
Brazilian Migration
in Europe has had two
previous editions.
The f[more]
Informative seminars
on working with third
country natio

National integration
centre invites all
those interested to
an informative
seminar on issues in
Wofür testen, messen,
und Testen im

fängt mit der
Wahl des richtigen
Kurses an. E[more]
Workshop to answer to
racist and xenophobic

Workshop for the
European elections,
democracy and
Saturday, April 5:
The current si[more]
6 7
Concepts of
Citizenship and
Participation - A
comparative view on

At the conference the
concepts of
citizenship and
belonging will be
discussed as well as
their impac[more]
8 9
religion and
migration: The
community of Sih in

Presentation of Prof.
Niki Papageorgiou,
Aristotle University
of Thessaloniki, of
her book entitled [more]
9th Festival of New
Minorities [fjú

Topic: neighbourhood
Thursday 10th April
2014 18:00 KC Dunaj,
Nedbalova 3 Pres[more]
The Day of Religious

One-day event with
the theme Religion
and politics. The
main topics are islam
and muslims in
University Institute
of Migration Studies

On the 10th April
2014: Don’t let
hope drown
Reflections and
suggestions of the
Jesuit Migran[more]
multilingual -
language learning
between heteronomy

ESPRIS fokussiert auf
Prozesse des
Spracherwerbs und
stellt die Bedeutung
von Mehrsprachigkeit
in de[more]
Human rights
discussed in the
Dutch Parliament 10
April 2014

On Thursday, 10 April
2014 from 14 to 17
hours the Parliament
will hold a General
Meeting about the [more]
Round table of the
project 'We are all

e;s project 'We are
all Residents' aims
at bringing
Vietnamese culture cl[more]
Seminars on
Dialogue and

Specialized training
seminars on
Dialogue and
Mediation" are
organized i[more]
11 12
How to complete a tax
form - training for
foreigners - Jak
prawidłowo wypełnić
PIT - szkolenie dla

During the training,
the accountant of the
Foundation for
Development "Beyond
Borders" will help for[more]
Representation &
Practices - Call for

We are glad to
announce that the
PRACTICES conference
will take place[more]
Scientists talk about

The public library of
Bremen and the centre
for immigrants and
intercultural studies
organizes this[more]
Where does the trip
go? Immigration and
integration policies
in the face of the
european elections

In the public opinion
there are
reservations about
Concerning the
Act on Foreigners -
Information Me

The purpose of the
meetings is to
provide knowledge on
the changes
introduced by the new
law on fore[more]
Presentation of a
MIPEX assessment for

Tuesday, 15th of
April there will be
presentation of
research results
"Migrant in[more]
Talent policy seminar
"Management of highly
qualified labour in

Think tank Praxis in
collaboration with
the committee of
economic affairs at
the parliament
Migration in Visegrad

Milan Šimečka
Foundation, Human
Rights League and
Centre for the
Research of Ethnicity
and Cu[more]
summarising the
project Help Centre
for Foreigners -
podsumowująca projekt
Centrum Pomocy

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er4 /*
Style Definitions [more]
The African presence
in Finland exhibition
(Werstas 2015) -
Workshop on sports

The Finnish Labour
Museum (Werstas) and
the African Presence
in Finland research
project (TaY) are [more]
18 19
20 21 22
Migration in Europe -
how mobile should we

Das Recht auf
der ArbeitnehmerInnen
gilt als eine der
The diversity of
linguistic spaces in
Portugal and in
migratory cont

This meeting has as
main objective the
exchanges on the
languages, their uses
and [more]
Conference "Vienna

Wien wächst! Im
vergangenen Jahrzehnt
nahm die Zahl der in
Wien lebenden
Personen laut
Which future for EU
migration related

This event aims to
contribute to a
comprehensive debate
on the future of
policies that fall
within t[more]
Debates on
multiculturalism VI -
interaction and

Network for Research
on Multiculturalism
and Societal
Interaction (MCnet)
continues with the
series [more]
Ways of opening up
adult education
institutions in the
migration society

 des Projekt
beschäftigt sich
zunächst mit der
Analyse [more]
Le langage des médias
sur les migr

des mots et des
images qui
désignent des
personnes migrantes

Festival Linz opens
on 25 April in the
Ursulinensaal in the
Upper Austrian Cult[more]
Seminar: Disabled
immigrants and

Hilma - The Support
Centre for Immigrant
Persons with
Disabilities and the
HAAPA project of
Espoo im[more]
ADUQUA Seminar:
Quality Assurance in
Integration Training
for Adult Migr

ADUQUA is a European
Grundtvig Network
funded by the
European Commission.
The project duration
is 3 [more]
Labour migration to
Poland - modern
slavery? - Migracje
zarobkowe do Polski –

The aim of the
conference will be to
present the results
of the research
conducted by the
Discussion - Next
step: Ministry of
Equality and

Im Jahr 2011 wurde
das Staatsekretariat
für Integration
eingerichtet. Viele
beurteilen die Einr[more]
Romaria - refugee

Die "Romaria" ist
hrt für und mit
Racism - a silent
society killers

Das Zentrum der
Initiativen - ZZI
organisiert im Rahmen
des Projekts &
Theatre play “Return”
celebrates the day of
the migrant community
in the municipality
of Seixal, Por

The theatre play
authored by Ms. Kenia
Liranzo, councillor
of culture of the Em[more]
LU: Winteg

The local integration
bodies of the river
Mosel region invite
to this wine -
integration festival wh[more]
Awareness workshop to
non-European women

Southside Partnership
and the Dublin Dun
Laoghaire Education
Training Board (DDL
ETB) are offering a[more]
Emigrants and

Centre for Culture
and Debate "Red
House" and
GRReporter present
: Emigrants and
neighbors - scr[more]
Ireland: New
Communities in
Elections: Coming Up
in May 2014

We are holding a
public meeting to
representation of
migrant communities
and their issues in[more]
Seminar "How to
support the
adaptation of foreign

Discussion day on
"How to support the
adaptation of a
foreign worker?" is
held on April 29th at
Seminar on Refugees
and Migrants in

Organized on the
occasion of the
recent publication of
the book
“Running on
water. Transit Gre[more]
Fighting against
poverty: towards a
post colonial

This conference held
with Nadia Fadil and
Marco Martiniello
intends to apprehend
the major dif
Thematic day
"Migration and

Zuwanderung, Asyl,
Mehrsprachigkeit und
stehen im Zentrum des
Thementages Mig[more]
Country Info
Making integration work

The successful integration of third-country nationals legally residing in the Member States of the European Union is vital to strengthening freedom, security and justice in Europe.

The European Web Site on Integration provides you with a collection of good practices and a wide variety of tools and useful information to make integration work.


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