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Call for papers: Seminar on Methodological Transnationalism
( - Finland - English)

Begin 23/11/2012 - 00:00

End 23/11/2012 - 00:00

Venue University of Turku

Organiser University of Turku

What happens when transnationalism is taken as an analytical starting-point in the study of the arts, history, and culture? Moreover, what are the consequences of this perspective in relation to questions of methodology and the choice of empirical materials?

For some time now, the idea of consistent and homogeneous cultures has been questioned from a number of perspectives, amongst them that of transnationalism – the concept of which, in a narrow sense, refers to the crossing of national boundaries and borders of nation states. In a broader sense, transnationalism opens up a perspective on negotiations of cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and ideological boundaries, as well as on the dividing lines between classes or genres. The concept of transnationalism illustrates and clarifies the insufficiency of the national category to adequately analyse contemporary culture but it also offers an important viewpoint on history.

The goal of this seminar is to elaborate on the concept of transnationalism and develop the possibilities of methodological transnationalism within research into the arts, history, and culture. What are the means by which scholars are enabled to grasp phenomena such as movement and change, boundary crossings and connections, as well as the diversity of cultural phenomena? Which are the new concepts needed to achieve this goal? Furthermore, what cannot be reached through this perspective and which are the ethical implications of transnationalism?

We welcome proposals for papers and panels reflecting on the methodologies of transnationalism. Looking forward to receiving both theoretical and empirically oriented papers, we encourage both graduate students as well as researchers in different phases of their careers to submit.

The seminar will be limited to one day. The morning will be devoted to plenary sessions whereas the workshops will assemble in the afternoon. If necessary, the language of some of the workshops will be English. In order to present a paper at the seminar, please send an abstract (max. 200 words) in Finnish or English to the following e-mail address no later than 7 September 2012:

Keynote speakers: Azade Seyhan (Bryn Mawr College, USA), Katja Valaskivi (University of Tampere), Heini Lehtonen (University of Helsinki).

For additional information, please contact Olli Löytty (, Heidi Grönstrand (, Ralf Kauranen (, or Kukku Melkas (

The seminar is organised by MCnet (Network for Research on Multiculturalism and Societal Interaction, University of Turku) & the project Transnational Connections of Finnish Literary Culture (Kone Foundation)

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