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Why contribute?

The Web Site is designed to act as an EU-wide platform for networking on integration, through exchange about policies and practices. In particular, is:

  • a documentation facility;
  • an on-line data collection tool for good practices; and
  • a platform for the direct exchange of information between stakeholders.

Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders working on integration issues at European, national, regional and local levels are at the centre of the Web Site. They create and share knowledge in the form of documents or good practices. They take an active role in posting news items and events. They use the Web Site both as a reference tool to learn from others and as a practical instrument to communicate information they have.

It is therefore vital that you, as a stakeholder working for the integration of third-country nationals, contribute your knowledge to the wider integration community by making your work available on the Web Site.


How to contribute? A step-by-step guide

  1. Register to the Web Site or log on (top right corner). Only registered users who are logged on to the Web Site are able to submit contributions to the EWSI.
  2. Important notice: by submitting your contribution to the European Web Site on Integration, you:
    • certify to be or to act on behalf of the author(s), the copyright owner(s) or the contractual licensee(s) of this work, including attached documents if any.
    • provide the European Commission and the Portal Administrator with a free of charge non-exclusive license, for the duration of your own copyright, to publish and distribute this information through the Internet via the EWSI for free, and to mention you as the contributor.
  3. Make sure that your contribution fits with the EWSI’s editorial policy and with the eligibility and selection criteria related to the type of content you wish to provide.
  4. After submitting your contribution, the Portal Administrator will index it according to the EWSI taxonomy. If your contribution needs to be modified to be in line with the above-mentioned policy, the Portal Administrator will contact you. Within 3 working days, you will receive a notification regarding your contribution.

What can you contribute?

  1. Documents can be any of the following types of documents:
    • Academic paper/ research
    • Impact assessments and evaluation
    • Legislation
    • Policy measure
    • Policy paper
    • Project or programme description
    • Report
    • Statistics
    • Videos
  2. Documents can be submitted in any official language of the EU (when available in more than one language, please provide it in all language versions), and in .pdf or .doc format. You are invited to provide a short summary of the document in English, German or French.

  3. Stories of practices on integration must be submitted in English by using the dedicated template. Please note that all fields of the template must be completed.
  4. Project Partner requests, News, Links and Events can be submitted in any official EU language, but a title and a summary paragraph in English must accompany your submission.
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Afrika Tage, 10.
Afrika Festival Wi

Out of Afrika, das
10. Wiener Afrika
Festival findet vom
01.08.2014 bis
17.08.2014 auf der
3 4
Stuck at the Gates:
Seminar on Migration,
Biotechnologies and
Limits of Re

The global regulatory
framework around
migration is
structured around
frontiers and gates,
both conc[more]
Roma and travellers:
Mobility, persecution
and memory

Recent migrations
from Eastern Europe
have brought renewed
attention to the
situation of Roma and ot[more]
6 7 8 9
10 11 12
Ireland: Getting
Involved in a Diverse

conference is taking
place on the 12th of
August, which is[more]
17th Nordic Migration
Conference. Flows,
Places and Boundaries
- Migratory
challenges and new

During the past
decades, migratory
flows have
diversified and
intensified. National
policy framework[more]
14 15 16
17 18 19
Educational Seminar
on Forced Migration –
Causes and Possible

Organization for
Migration (IOM) as
the coordinator of
the EMN National
Contact Point [more]
Projects, lectures,
discussions and
workshops, as well as
cultural prog
Hate speech in the
media - how to
prevent it - Mowa
nienawiści w mediach
– jak jej

Normal 0 21 false
false false
er4 /*
Style Definitions [more]
22 23
24 25
Art, Migration,
Adaptation -
Trainers' Training in
Budapest - Nemzetközi
szakmai tréning

The event is held in
the framework of the
Ariadne project
between 25 and 29
August with the aim
of [more]
26 27
11th IMISCOE annual
Immigration, Social
Cohesion and Social

Universitario de
Estudios sobre
Migraciones (IUEM)
Pontificia Comillas,
Conference: Holy
crap! Intersections
of the popular and
the sacred in youth

Holy Crap! is an
conference organised
by the Finnish Youth
Research Society and
29 30
Country Info
Making integration work

The successful integration of third-country nationals legally residing in the Member States of the European Union is vital to strengthening freedom, security and justice in Europe.

The European Web Site on Integration provides you with a collection of good practices and a wide variety of tools and useful information to make integration work.


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