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Länderinformationsblatt Lettland

verantwortliches Ministerium

  • Kultūras ministrija / Ministry of Culture
    [L Latvian] / [L English]
  • andere beteiligte Ministerien

    National Level

    Regional level

    • Vides aizsardzības un reģionālās attīstības ministrija / Ministry of Environmental protection and Regional Development 
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Latvijas Pašvaldību savienība / Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments [L Multilingual]

    Positionspapiere oder Programme

    • Guidelines on National Identity, Civil Society and Integration Policy guidelines 2012-2018 (Nacionālās identitātes, pilsoniskās sabiedrības un integrācijas politikas pamatnostādnes 2012.-2018.gadam)
      [D Multilingual]
    • Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Council Overseeing the Implementation of State Integration Policy [L Latvian]
    • Order of the Cabinet of Ministers on the Members of the Council Overseeing the Implementation of State Integration Policy [L Latvian]
    • Members of the Consultative Board of Immigrant Integration (Ministry of Culture) [L Latvian]
    • Multi-annual programme for the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia
      [D Latvian]
    • 2013 Annual programme for the Integration of Third Country Nationals in Latvia 
    • 2012 Annual programme for the integration of third country nationals in Latvia [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • 2011 Annual programme for the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia
      [D English]
    • 2010 Annual programme for the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia
      [D English]
    • 2009 Annual programme for the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia
    • 2008 Annual programme for the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia
      [D Latvian]
    • 2007 Annual programme for the integration of third-country nationals in Latvia
      [D Latvian]
    • Pilsoniskās sabiedrības stiprināšanas pamatnostādnes 2005.-2014.gadam / Guidelines for Strengthening Civil Society 2005 - 2014
      [D Latvian]
    • Pilsoniskās sabiedrības stiprināšanas programma 2008.-2012. gadam / The National Programme for Strengthening Civil Society 2008 – 2012
      [D Latvian]
    • Valsts programma "Čigāni (romi) Latvijā" 2007 – 2009.gadam / The National Action Plan "Roma in Latvia" 2007-2009
      [D Latvian]
    • Nacionālā programma iecietības veicināšanai 2005 – 2009 / The National Programme for the Promotion of Tolerance 2005 – 2009
      [D Latvian]
    • Programma “Lībieši Latvijā 2008. – 2012.gads” / The National programme "Livonians in Latvia 2008 -2012”
      [D Latvian]
    • Latviešu diasporas atbalsta programma 2004.-2009.gadam / The National Support programme for Latvian Diaspora 2004 – 2009
      [D Latvian]


    • Imigrācijas likums / Immigration Law
      [L Latvian]
    • Patvēruma likums / Asylum Law
      [L Latvian]
    • Pilsonības likums / Citizenship Law (1994, amended 1998)
      [L Latvian]
    • Iedzīvotāju reģistra likums / Law on Population Register
      [L Latvian]
    • Vēlētāju reģistra likums / Law on Voter Register
      [L Latvian]
    • Repatriācijas likums / Repatriation Law
      [L Latvian]
    • Bezvalstnieku likums / Law on Stateless Persons
      [L Latvian]
    • Par to bijušās PSRS pilsoņu statusu, kuriem nav Latvijas vai citas valsts pilsonības / Law on the Status of those Former U.S.S.R. Citizens who do not have the Citizenship of Latvia or that of any Other State
      [L Latvian]
    • Personu apliecinošu dokumentu likums / Personal Identification Documents Law
      [D Latvian]
    • Dzīvesvietas deklarēšanas likums / Declaration of Place of Residence Law
      [L Latvian]
    • Likums „Par Eiropas Kopienas pastāvīgā iedzīvotāja statusu Latvijas Republikā” / Law on the Status of a Long-term Resident of the European Community in the Republic of Latvia
      [L Latvian]
    • Izglītības likums / Education Law including amendments that came into force on 30 March 2010
      [L Latvian]

    Information zu Fördermitteln

    • Sabiedrības integrācijas fonds / Society Integration Foundation
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Eiropas Trešo Valstu Valstspiederīgo Integrācijas Fonds / European Fund for the Integration of Third-country nationals
      [L Latvian]
    • Centrālā finanšu un līgumu aģentūra / Central Finance and Contracting Agency 
      [L Latvian] / [L English]

    Folgeabschätzungen, Berichte und Evaluierungen

    Forschungs- und Statistikagenturen

    • Centrālā statistikas pārvalde / Central Statistical Bureau
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Tirgus un sabiedriskās domas pētījumu centrs / Marketing and Public Opinion Research Centre SKDS
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Baltijas sociālo zinātņu institūts / Baltic Institute of Social Sciences
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Latvijas Cilvēktiesību centrs / Latvian Centre of Human Rights
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde / Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Sociālās alternatīvas institūts / Social Alternative Institute
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Sociālo un politisko pētījumu institūts / Advanced Social and Political Research Institute
      [L Latvian] / [L English]

    Stellen zur Umsetzung von Integrationsprogrammen

    is (since 1 April 2011) responsible for the implementation of:

    • The European Fund for the Integration of Third-country nationals
    • The European Refugee Fund co-financed project "Integration of new members of society”

    See also:

    • Pilsonības un migrācijas lietu pārvalde / Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
      [L Latvian] / [L English]
    • Tiesībsarga birojs / Latvian Ombudsman’s Office
      [L Latvian] / [L English]


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    S M D M D F S
    Considering the
    Lusophone World:
    Multicultural, and

    The field of
    Lusophone Studies
    spans continents and
    countries, making it
    a transnational and
    Unlocking the
    Potential of Migrants
    in Europe

    The Europe 2020
    Strategy and the
    Stockholm Programme
    recognise the
    potential of
    migration for buildi[mehr]
    Migration und

    Migration und
    Mobilität werden
    vielfach als
    wahrgenommen und d[mehr]
    4 5
    Festiva East in the
    Park 2014

    The East in the Park
    festival provides a
    platform for
    centers and artists
    related in [mehr]
    6 7
    International Summer
    School “Cultures,
    Migrations, Bo

    For the third year
    the Department of
    Social Anthropology
    and History of the
    University of the
    Ireland: European
    launch of Foundations
    for Work (FfW)

    Limerick is proud to
    host the European
    launch of Foundations
    for Work (FfW). FfW
    is an innovative, m[mehr]
    The legal position
    of third country
    nationals in the EU:
    the case study of
    Cameroon nati

    The Centre for
    Migration Law invites
    you to their next
    Wine and Discussion
    meeting. During the
    14. KASUMAMA Afrika
    Festival 2014

    Von 9. bis 13. Juli
    bietet der Verein
    KASUMAMA wieder ein
    Programm, das die
    BE: presentation of
    the "demographic
    study of the Moroccan
    population in

    The Federal Migration
    Centre and the Centre
    for Research in
    Demography and
    (DEMO, UCL) [mehr]
    11 12
    Training in cultural
    sensitivity - Trening

    The workshop is
    addressed to
    volunteers and
    employees of NGOs and
    public institutions
    dealing with a[mehr]
    13 14 15
    For a new narrative
    on Mediterranean
    future: a perspective
    from south of Europe.
    An open dialogue
    between st

    For a new narrative
    on Mediterranean
    future. A perspective
    from South of Europe
    and Euro-Med area. [mehr]
    Ireland:Bridging the
    Gap - performing art

    Are you interested in
    Arts, Films, Media,
    Drama or
    Entertainment as a
    whole. Here's a
    chance for you[mehr]
    NL: College 'How to
    help young people
    imrpove their
    language skill

    Do you want to know
    more about helping
    young people with
    their language
    skills? Come on 16
    July, to [mehr]
    NL: Iftar invitation
    to citizens of A

    The foundation Care
    for Muslims invite
    you to the Iftar meal
    on 17 July 2014. The
    meal will take pla[mehr]
    18 19
    Open day and free
    Dutch trial les

    Do you want to learn
    Dutch in a fun and
    social environment?
    This is your chance
    to get to know Koent[mehr]
    20 21 22 23
    Inklusion und Co.

    In der
    Diskussion um eine
    gerechte Gestalt(ung)
    der Gesellschaft
    werden unterschi[mehr]
    Statelessness and
    Migration Conference

    This conference
    focuses on a range of
    issues related to the
    wellbeing and
    recognition of people
    who [mehr]
    Meet & Greet: Welcome
    to the Maastricht

    Coming from abroad
    and new to the
    Maastricht Region?
    Then check out this
    monthly get together
    Multicultural Market
    in Enschede 2014

    This summer, the
    Multicultural Market
    will take place again
    in the bustling
    center of the city of En[mehr]
    Finding Dutch Flow: a
    workshop that will
    help you learn Dutch

    Finding the 'Dutch
    Flow' is a very
    special workshop,
    organised by Albert
    Both. It will help
    you thin[mehr]
    6. Dialogforum -
    Summer School 2014

    Das Dialogforum
    widmet sich bereits
    zum sechsten Mal
     zu Migration un[mehr]
    Ireland: Exploring
    the mental health
    care experiences of
    African migrants

    Cairde is
    collaborating with
    School of Nursing and
    Midwifery, Trinity
    College Dublin to
    explore the [mehr]
    29 30 31
    Integration erfolgreich machen

    Die erfolgreiche Integration von Drittstaatenangehörigen die sich rechtmäßig in Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union aufhalten, ist entscheidend zur Stärkung von Freiheit, Sicherheit und Gerechtigkeit in Europa.

    Die Europäische Website für Integration stellt Ihnen Good Practice Beispiele und eine Vielfalt von Werkzeugen und Informationen zum Thema Integration zur Verfügung.


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