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Länderinformationsblatt Dänemark

verantwortliches Ministerium

  • Social- og integrationsministeriet / Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration
    [L Danish] / [L English]

andere beteiligte Ministerien

  • Beskaeftigelsesministeriet / Ministry for Employment 
    [L Danish] / [L English]
  • Justitsministeriet / The Danish Ministry of Justice  
    [L Danish] / [L English] 
  • Ny i Danmark / New in Denmark, jointly realised by the Ministry for Employment and the Ministry of Justice [L Danish] / [L English]

Positionspapiere oder Programme

  • En styrket integrationspolitik /A strenghtened Integration Policy [D Danish] / [D Danish]
  • Målrettet integration – et fælles ansvar. Anbefalinger fra Task Force Integration / Targeted integration – a common responsibility. Recommendations from Task Force on integration. [D Danish]
  • A National Strategy to Prevent Honour-Related Conflicts [D Danish]
  • Regeringens strategi imod parralelle retsopfattelser – et opgør med tvang og undertrykkelse I forbindelse med religiøse vielser / The government’s strategy against parallel conceptions of law – encountering the use of force and supression in religious wedding ceremonies [D Danish]
  • Et Danmark, der star sammen – Regeringsgrundlag Oktober 2011 / A Denmark that stands together – Government platform Oktober 2011 [38276 / 38277]
  • Handlingsplan om etnisk ligebehandling og respekt for den enkelte / Action plan on ethnic equality and respect for each individual [D Danish]
  • Integration 2009 – Nine focus areas
    [D Danish]
  • Aftale om fremtidens velstand og velfærd og investeringer i fremtiden - Aftale om fremtidig indvandring / Agreement on ensuring future welfare and investments – Agreement on future immigration
    [D Danish]
  • En fælles og tryg fremtid - Handlingsplan om forebyggelse af ekstremistiske holdninger og radikalisering blandt unge / A common and safe future - Action plan to prevent extremist views and radicalisation among young people
    [D Multilingual]


  • Integrationsloven  - Lovbekendtgørelse nr. 1071 af 16. november 2012 / Act on Integration – Consolidation act No. 1071 of 16 November 2012. [D Danish]
  • Udlændingeloven / The Alien Act [D Danish]
  • Lov om danskuddannelse til voksne udlændinge /Law on Danish language education for adult foreigners [D Danish]
  • Lov om etnisk ligebehandling – Lovbekendtgørelse nr. 438 af 16. maj 2012 / Law on Equal Ethnic Treatment – Consolidation act No. 438 of 16 Maj 2012. [D Danish]
  • Lov om ligebehandlingsnævnet / Law on the Board of Equal Treatment [D Danish]
  • Repatrieringsloven – Lovbekendtgørelse nr. 1052 af 28. august 2013 / Repatriation Act – Consolidation act No. 1052 of 28 August 2013. [D Danish]

Information zu Fördermitteln

Folgeabschätzungen, Berichte und Evaluierungen

  • Midtvejs-evaluering af puljen “Forpligtende samarbejde og videreførelse af den frivillige integrationsindsats”/ Mid-term evaluation of the fund “Binding co-operations on continuing the voluntary integration effort” [D Danish]
  • Tværfaglige integrationsindsatser – erfaringer og løsningsmodeller fra 12 kommuner i projektet ”Integration – en fælles indsats” / Cross-sectional integration efforts – experiences and suggestions from 12 municipalities in the project ”Integration – a common effort” [D Danish]
  • Sprogstimuleringsindsatsen for tosprogede småbørn/Language stimulation for bilingual children aged 3-5 
    [D Danish]
  • Effekten af kommunernes integrationsindsats målt ved udlændinges beskæftigelse, 1999-2004  / Benchmarking the integration effort of municipalities, measured by foreigners’ employment 1999-2004
    [D Danish]
  • Effekten af kommunernes integrationsindsats malt ved udlændinges selvforsørgelse, 1999-2007 / Benchmarking of the integration effort of municipalities, measured by foreigners’ self support, 1999-2006
    [D Danish]
  • Baggrundsrapport fra Anvendt Kommunal Forskning / Background Report on the integration effort of municipalities, 2007
    [D Danish]
  • Danskuddannelse for voksne udlændinge 2004-2006 - progression og benchmarking/Danish language courses for adult foreigners 2004 - 2006 progression and benchmarking
    [D Danish]
  • Integration i udvikling - evaluering af kommunernes implementering af integrationsloven 2005/Integration in progress - evaluation of the implementation of the Integration Act within municipalities 
    [D Danish]
  • Baseline-måling af brugernes syn på introduktionsprogrammet 2007/Baseline study of end-users view of the introduction programme 
    [D Danish]
  • Effektmåling af den danske integrationsindsats i perioden 1999-2007 / Effectiveness Measurement of Danish Integration Policies from 1999-2007
    [D Danish]

Forschungs- und Statistikagenturen

  • Danish National Institute of Social Research
    [L Danish] / [L English]
  • Statistics Denmark. National statistical office [L Danish] / [L Danish]
  • Rambøll Management
    [L Danish]
  • Rockwool Foundation Research Unit
    [L Danish] / [L Danish]
  • Centre for Contemporary Middle East Studies
    [L Danish] / [L English]
  • Social Cohesion and Ethnic Diversity (SOCED) [L English]
  • Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism (CESEM) [L English]
  • MESU, Danish research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health [L English]
  • KORA, The National Institute for Research and Analysis in Municipalities and Regions [L Danish]

Stellen zur Umsetzung von Integrationsprogrammen


  • Rådet for Etniske Minoriteter / Council for Ethnic Minorities
    [L Danish] / [L English]
  • Dansk Flygtningehjælp / Danish Refugee Council 
    [L English]
  • Dansk Røde Kors / Danish Red Cross 
    [L Danish]
  • Ungdommens Røde Kors / Danish Junior Red Cross 
    [L Danish]
  • Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd / The Danish Youth Council
    [L Danish] / [L English]
  • Foreningen Nydansker /  The Association for Integration of New Danes on the Labor-market 
    [L Danish]
  • Brug For Alle Unge / We need all youngsters
    [L Danish]
  •  Institut for Menneskerettigheder / Danish Institute for Human Rights
    [L English] / [L Danish]
  • Kommunernes Landsforening / Local Government Denmark
    [L Danish] / [L English]
  • Board of Equal Treatment
    [L Danish]
  • Amnesty International
  • Dokumentations- og rådgivningscenteret om racediskrimination / Documentation and Counselling Centre on Racial Discrimination [L Danish]
  • Muslimernes  fællesråd / Muslim Council
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Considering the
Lusophone World:
Multicultural, and

The field of
Lusophone Studies
spans continents and
countries, making it
a transnational and
Unlocking the
Potential of Migrants
in Europe

The Europe 2020
Strategy and the
Stockholm Programme
recognise the
potential of
migration for buildi[mehr]
Migration und

Migration und
Mobilität werden
vielfach als
wahrgenommen und d[mehr]
4 5
Festiva East in the
Park 2014

The East in the Park
festival provides a
platform for
centers and artists
related in [mehr]
6 7
International Summer
School “Cultures,
Migrations, Bo

For the third year
the Department of
Social Anthropology
and History of the
University of the
Ireland: European
launch of Foundations
for Work (FfW)

Limerick is proud to
host the European
launch of Foundations
for Work (FfW). FfW
is an innovative, m[mehr]
The legal position
of third country
nationals in the EU:
the case study of
Cameroon nati

The Centre for
Migration Law invites
you to their next
Wine and Discussion
meeting. During the
14. KASUMAMA Afrika
Festival 2014

Von 9. bis 13. Juli
bietet der Verein
KASUMAMA wieder ein
Programm, das die
BE: presentation of
the "demographic
study of the Moroccan
population in

The Federal Migration
Centre and the Centre
for Research in
Demography and
(DEMO, UCL) [mehr]
11 12
Training in cultural
sensitivity - Trening

The workshop is
addressed to
volunteers and
employees of NGOs and
public institutions
dealing with a[mehr]
13 14 15
For a new narrative
on Mediterranean
future: a perspective
from south of Europe.
An open dialogue
between st

For a new narrative
on Mediterranean
future. A perspective
from South of Europe
and Euro-Med area. [mehr]
Ireland:Bridging the
Gap - performing art

Are you interested in
Arts, Films, Media,
Drama or
Entertainment as a
whole. Here's a
chance for you[mehr]
NL: College 'How to
help young people
imrpove their
language skill

Do you want to know
more about helping
young people with
their language
skills? Come on 16
July, to [mehr]
NL: Iftar invitation
to citizens of A

The foundation Care
for Muslims invite
you to the Iftar meal
on 17 July 2014. The
meal will take pla[mehr]
18 19
Open day and free
Dutch trial les

Do you want to learn
Dutch in a fun and
social environment?
This is your chance
to get to know Koent[mehr]
20 21 22 23
Inklusion und Co.

In der
Diskussion um eine
gerechte Gestalt(ung)
der Gesellschaft
werden unterschi[mehr]
Meet & Greet: Welcome
to the Maastricht

Coming from abroad
and new to the
Maastricht Region?
Then check out this
monthly get together
Multicultural Market
in Enschede 2014

This summer, the
Multicultural Market
will take place again
in the bustling
center of the city of En[mehr]
Finding Dutch Flow: a
workshop that will
help you learn Dutch

Finding the 'Dutch
Flow' is a very
special workshop,
organised by Albert
Both. It will help
you thin[mehr]
6. Dialogforum -
Summer School 2014

Das Dialogforum
widmet sich bereits
zum sechsten Mal
 zu Migration un[mehr]
Ireland: Exploring
the mental health
care experiences of
African migrants

Cairde is
collaborating with
School of Nursing and
Midwifery, Trinity
College Dublin to
explore the [mehr]
29 30 31
Integration erfolgreich machen

Die erfolgreiche Integration von Drittstaatenangehörigen die sich rechtmäßig in Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union aufhalten, ist entscheidend zur Stärkung von Freiheit, Sicherheit und Gerechtigkeit in Europa.

Die Europäische Website für Integration stellt Ihnen Good Practice Beispiele und eine Vielfalt von Werkzeugen und Informationen zum Thema Integration zur Verfügung.


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