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    • Interkultureller und interreligiöser Dialog
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Living Library Wrocław - Żywa Biblioteka Wrocław
(Kommunikation - Polen - Englisch) (Inoffizielle Übersetzung)

Anfang 24/11/2012 - 12:00

Ende 24/11/2012 - 20:00

Veranstaltungsort Mediateka, pl. Teatralny 5, Wrocław, POLAND

Organisator Dom Spotkań im. Angelusa Silesiusa, Mediateka


Dom Spotkań im. Angelusa Silesiusa and Mediateka invite a mixture of differnt nationalities  to the Human Library, including Human Books such as: an American, an Arab, a Czech, a German, a Black Person, a Russian, a Roma, a Sielesian, a Muslim woman, a Refugee.

How to borrow a Living Book?

1. Register at the Librarians’ desk and receive your Human Library Readers’ Card.

2. Choose a 'Book' from the Catalogue [the Librarians are always there to help].

3. You can borrow a Living Book for 30 min. and read it around Mediateka. After your time is up please bring the 'Book' back to the Librarians’ desk.

Rules of borrowings

Only registered readers who accepted Human Library’s rules can borrow 'Books'.

You can prolong your reading [for the next 30 min.] only if a Librarian agrees.

If a 'Book' you would like to borrow is unavailable at the moment, you can choose another one or wait.

The Human Library is free of charge and it do not require a Mediateka’s readers card.

Two or more readers can borrow a 'Book' but only if the 'Book' agrees on it.

Only one 'Book' can be borrowed at a time.

You cannot reserve 'Books'.

If the 'Book' you would like to read is in a language you don’t know you can ask for a 'Dictionary' [an interpreter].

The Reader is obliged to return the 'Book' in an untouched condition, both mental and physical. The reader is not allowed to use physical or mental violence against the 'Book'.

The Living Book is allowed to quit the conversation at any time if she or he feels that a reader has overstepped their privacy and dignity or the reader was unpleasant.

The Living Book has a right to refuse to have a conversation with a reader.

Borrowings are available for readers above 15 years old. Readers under this age can borrow a 'Boo'k with a parent or other guardian.

Opening hours

Human Library is open on the 24th of November [Saturday] from 12.00 to 20.00, last opportunity to borrow a Book is 19.30.


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