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The statistics on transport available from Eurostat can broadly be divided into seven sub-domains. In order to obtain more information on these, please click on the respective title.

Air transport

This domain gives information on the number of passengers and tonnage of freight and mail transported (in tons) at the levels of airport pairs, airports and countries. In addition, data on air traffic and available airplane seats are collected. This is based on the data collected under European Parliament and Council Regulation 437/2003 of 27 February 2003. Some additional information on air transport infrastructure and fleet are collected on voluntary basis using the annual questionnaire.

Inland waterways transport

This domain provides aggregated data from the Common Questionnaire (Eurostat/UNECE/ITF) as well as detailed annual and quarterly freight transport data; under the former Council Directive 80/1119/EEC of 17 November 1980 and the European Parliament and Council Regulation 1365/2006 of 6 September 2006 implemented by Regulation 425/2007 and 1304/2007 and amended by Regulation 2016/1954 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Oil pipeline transport

This domain gives aggregated data from the common (Eurostat/UNECE/ITF) questionnaire on oil pipelines following the definition set out in the Eurostat/UNECE/ITF glossary for transport statistics.

Rail transport

Rail transport statistics are based on two sources; a legal act and voluntary data transmission.
Data collection on goods and passenger transport is based on the Regulation 91/2003 which was repealed. The Regulation (EU) 2018/643 of the European Parliament and of the Council is the new reference for rail statistics.
Data on railway infrastructure, equipment, enterprises and traffic are collected using the Common Questionnaire (Eurostat/UNECE/ITF). In addition, one table in the regional transport section is based on another voluntary data collection (the "REGWeb" questionnaire); it contains information on railway infrastructure (length of railway lines – total, electrified and with two or more tracks) by NUTS 2 region.
The data collections on rail accidents are based only on accident data received from the European Union Agency for Railways as since 2016 they were no longer required by the regulation.

Regional transport

Data on transport infrastructure (length of motorways, other roads, inland waterways and railway lines) and vehicle stock (by type of vehicle) are collected on a voluntary basis. Information on road accidents (persons injured or killed) is derived from the EU central database (CADaS - Common Accident Data Set). Figures on air and maritime transport at regional level come directly from the respective transport data collection. Regional statistics are disseminated at NUTS 0 (country), NUTS 1 and NUTS 2 level.

Road transport

This domain contains aggregated data from the Common Questionnaire (Eurostat/UNECE/ITF) and detailed annual and quarterly freight transport data from aggregated microdata provided in the frame of Regulation (EU) 70/2012.

Maritime transport

This domain presents quarterly and annual data based on Directive 2009/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 May 2009 on statistical returns in respect of carriage of goods and passengers by sea. It contains information on seaborne transport of goods, passenger movements and vessels calling at ports.