Eurogroups register Eurogroups register

The EuroGroups Register (EGR) is the statistical business register of multinational enterprise groups (MNEs) having at least one enterprise in the territory of the EU.

Statistical purpose

The EGR is created for statistical purposes only, with the aim to facilitate the coordination of survey frames in the European Statistical System (ESS) for producing high quality statistics on global business activities, like Foreign Affiliates Statistics (FATS) and Foreign Direct Investment statistics (FDI).


To respond to the need for better and easy communication regarding EGR issues, within the ESS and the ESCB, Eurostat created the so called "EGR communication space".
This wiki allows to

  • easily retrieve relevant up-to-date information regarding the EuroGroups Register (EGR)
  • exchange information; e.g. problems met during realising a task in the EGR production cycle, and the solution found.

To become a member of the EGR wiki, you have to be actively involved in the EGR project by a national statistical institute (NSI), national central bank (NCB), the European Central Bank (ECB) or the European Commission - Eurostat.
If you are interested, please, get in touch with the national EGR contact person who will address your request to


The EGR frames are accessible to all national statistical authorities (NSAs) - national statistical institutes (NSIs) and national central banks (NCBs) responsible in the ESS of producing official statistics and are disseminated via eDamis.


According to Regulation 177/2008 each MS can access the full structure of an MNE, including its statistical units and characteristics, provided that at least one enterprise is resident in its territory.


The EGR contains information on the following units and characteristics:

  • legal units: identification, demographic, control and ownership characteristics;
  • enterprises: identification and demographic characteristics, activity code (NACE), number of persons employed, turnover, institutional sector;
  • enterprise groups: identification, demographic characteristics, the structure of the group, the group head, the country of global decision centre, activity code (NACE), consolidated employment and turnover of the group.


For information on units resident in EU Member States and in some EFTA countries the EGR uses data from the respective national statistical business registers, while commercial sources are used for covering units outside the EU and some EFTA countries.

Identification of the units by the LEID

All units in the EGR are identified by the so called Legal Entity Identifier (LEID)number. A central tool, called the EGR Identification Service (EGR IS) manages the identification process and issues the LEID number.

Quality management

Validation of the EGR frames is carried out by MS and EFTA countries and by Eurostat according to different roles and responsibilities. For the largest MNEs the methodology of international profiling will be applied.


The EGR frame (reference year T) is available at T + 16 months. The first available frame refers to year 2008.

Information system versions 1.0 and 2.0

The current EGR is running using version 1.0. EGR version 2.0 is currently under development and testing; it will reduce the burden on national registers and improve the quality. Implementation of EGR version 2.0 is foreseen for 2015 for the production of the EGR frame 2014.