Legislation Legislation

Current legislation

Given the large number of revisions and amendments that were made over time to the SBS Regulation, a process of recasting the legislation was concluded in March 2008.

SBS – recast (March 2008) SBS – recast (March 2008) with it's most recent SBS – recast (March 2008)amendment

The key implementing legislation includes the following:

Data series: EC Regulation 251/2009 Data series: EC Regulation 251/2009

  Definitions: EC Regulation 250/2009 with it's  most recent Definitions: EC Regulation 250/2009amendment

Previous legislation

There have been considerable changes to the initial legislation adopted with respect to structural business statistics (SBS). SBS - legislative history:

Consolidated SBS Regulation, prior to the recast Consolidated SBS Regulation, prior to the recast

Although the following links have no legal value, they provide consolidated versions of the main implementing legislation prior to the recasting exercise:

Data series: list of variables collected by sector [0.1 MB] Data series: list of variables collected by sector

Definitions [0.2 MB] Definitions