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Economic developments in production, income generation and (re)distribution, consumption and investment may be better understood when analysed by institutional sector.

Sector accounts group together economic subjects with similar behaviour into institutional sectors, such as: households, non-financial corporations, financial corporations and government. Grouping economic subjects in this way greatly helps to understand the functioning of the economy.

The behaviour of households and non-financial corporations is particularly relevant in this respect. In the European accounts, the households sector comprises all households, household firms and also non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs), such as charities and trade unions. The non-financial corporations sector comprises all private and public corporate enterprises that produce goods or provide non-financial services to the market.

European sector accounts provide key indicators for households and non-financial corporations, including:

  • Gross saving rate of households
  • Gross investment rate of households
  • Gross investment rate of non-financial corporations, and
  • Gross profit share of non-financial corporations.

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