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Key indicators by country (ESA 2010)

Households (1.3 Mb): saving rate and investment rate

Non-financial corporations (1 Mb): investment rate and profit share

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Data in ESA 2010 format

Euro area (1999Q1 - 2017Q4) (1.3 Mb)

EU28 (1999Q1 - 2017Q4) (507 Kb)
Euro area - cross sector presentation (1999Q1 - 2017Q4) (5 Mb) EU28 - cross sector presentation (1999Q1 - 2017Q4) (3.5 Mb)

Last update: 27 April 2018. Next update: 27 July 2018.

Note 1: Due to the conversion to euro, the growth rates of EU aggregates may be affected by movements in exchange rates and should be viewed with caution.

Note 2: As cross-border flows within the area concerned (and resulting asymmetries) have been removed, European sector accounts are internally consistent but have discrepancies with other national accounts data.

Note 3: Data for the government sector (S13) of the euro area and the EU28 have been partly estimated. They may be revised when official data become available (see at: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/government-finance-statistics/statistics-illustrated)