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Final energy consumption by sector

1 000 tonnes of oil equivalent
This indicator expresses the sum of the energy supplied to the final consumer's door for all energy uses. It is the sum of final energy consumption in industry, transport, households, services, agriculture, etc. Final energy consumption in industry covers the consumption in all industrial sectors with the exception of the 'Energy sector'. The fuel quantities transformed in the electrical power stations of industrial autoproducers and the quantities of coke transformed into blast-furnace gas are not part of the overall industrial consumption but of the transformation sector. Final energy consumption in transport covers the consumption in all types of transportation, i.e., rail, road, air transport and inland navigation. Final energy consumption in households, services, etc. covers quantities consumed by private households, commerce, public administration, services, agriculture and fisheries.

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Code: tsdpc320
Last update: 27/10/17
Oldest data: 1990
Most recent data: 2015
Number of values: 7098
Themes: General and regional statistics