Each quarter four types of PDF news releases are published.

As of end-April 2016, the preliminary GDP flash estimate for the euro area and the EU is published 30 days after the end of the reference quarter.

Subsequently, the GDP flash estimate, containing data for the European aggregates as well as for many Member States, is released 45 days after the end of the reference quarter.

The next news release concerns the regular QNA release. It takes place around 65 days after the end of the reference period and includes an update of the first GDP estimate and breakdowns of GDP by expenditure component and industry.

Finally, the news release on employment data including breakdowns by industry is published around t+75 days.

EURONA publishes empirical and theoretical articles within the scope of national accounts and macroeconomic indicators, as well as articles on important policy uses of these statistics. They may relate to both users’ and producers’ interests, present subjects of general relevance or investigate specific topics.