National accounts (including GDP)

National accounts provide information to analyse the structure of economies and their development over time. The methodology applicable for data transmissions by EU countries from September 2014 onwards is defined by the European System of National and Regional Accounts 2010, ESA 2010. It is consistent with the world wide guidelines (SNA 2008) and replaces the previous system, ESA 95. This ensures the data used to formulate and monitor EU policies is comparable and coherent.

Section content and structure

This section of the website provides access to a selection of information regarding core national accounts aggregates such as gross domestic product (GDP), its main components and employment. It also includes data on detailed breakdowns by industries of gross value added, gross fixed capital formation and employment, household final consumption expenditure by purpose as well as a cross-classification of assets (stocks and flows) by industries and non-financial balance sheets.

The section is organised in sub-sections which present more detailed information on the following subjects:

  • Data
  • Methodology
  • Legislation
  • Publications


Following the transition to ESA 2010, the update of this website section is still on-going. Some documents therefore still contain references to ESA 95 instead of ESA 2010. They will be updated or moved to an archive.

Database update (nama_10 and namq_10)

Attention: Temporary (usually limited) inconsistencies between national accounts datasets may occur (mainly vintage effects).