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This indicator monitors country's export performance compared to the total world's exports. For more information on the definition, please refer to the metadata information. The MIP scoreboard indicator is the percentage change of export market shares (of goods and services) over five years, with an indicative threshold of -6%. When the value of the indicator is above the defined threshold, the country is coloured in green on the map.

Source: Balance of Payments (BoP) statistics – for values of exports of goods and services for each county, International Monetary Fund (IMF) for total world data used as denominator (online data code: tipsex10 and tipsex20).

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The graph shows the yearly changes of the export market shares of goods and the export market shares of services, which are the basic data, used for the calculation of the MIP headline indicator (export market shares of goods and services - five years percentage change).


                                           Export market shares by items (% of world totals)