Current account balance Current account balance

The current account balance provides information on the balance of the transactions of a country with the rest of the world. For more information on the definition, please refer to the metadata information. The MIP scoreboard indicator is the 3 year average of the current account balance expressed as a percentage of GDP.

The indicative thresholds for the current account balance (3 year average) are -4% and 6%. When the value of the indicator is within the defined thresholds, the country is coloured in green on the map.

Source: Balance of payments (BoP) statistics (online data code: tipsbp10 and tipsbp20).

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The bar chart shows the link between the MIP indicator (current account balance - 3 year average) and the basic data used for the indicator's calculation.


the value of the indicator is within the defined thresholds

and the value of the indicator is not within the defined thresholds