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HICP is part of the so-called Euro-indicators that are designed to give a general overview of the economic situation of the euro area, the European Union and Member States.

The HICP-related tables include the following data, for the latest 12 months:

  • Indices
  • Percentage change with respect to the previous month (m/m-1)
  • Percentage change with respect to the corresponding month of the previous year (m/m-12)
  • Percentage change (-12 months average)

The data is not seasonally adjusted.

Data are automatically updated on release dates (see release schedule).

Main headings (2015=100)

00. All items (global index)  
01. Food 07. Transport
02. Alcohol and tobacco 08. Communications
03. Clothing 09. Recreation and culture
04. Housing 10. Education
05. Household equipment 11. Hotels and restaurants
06. Health 12. Miscellaneous


Special aggregates

All items excluding:

Further information and download options for the above tables can be found on the Euroindicators host page.

Structural indicators