Health care Health care

The section presents data on various aspects of health care systems such as health care expenditure, human and technical health care resources, health care activities in hospitals and outside hospitals (covering treatment and prevention), use of medicines and unmet needs for health care. The indicators can be used for evaluating functioning and performance of health care systems including quality and access to health care services.

The data are structured as follows:

  • Health care expenditure (by provider, function and financing agent)
  • Health care resources (health care employment and education; physical and technical resources)
  • Health care activities in hospitals (hospital care and average length of stay, diagnostic exams and surgical procedures)
  • Ambulatory care (consultations of doctors, dentists and other health care professionals)
  • Preventive services (cancer-related screenings and vaccination against influenza)
  • Medicine use (use of prescribed and non-prescribed medicines)
  • Unmet needs for health (medical and dental) care