Productive or main activity Productive or main activity

The dimension "productive or main activity" relates to both quantitative and qualitative aspects of employment. The topic "employment" covers data on unemployment and underemployment. The topic "quality of employment" refers to data on in-work poverty, health and safety at work, work/life balance, and temporary contracts. Additionally, in order to cover the part of the population not in employment, indicators referring to "main activity" need to be developed.

Topic / subtopic Indicator
Quantity of employment Employment and unemployment

Employment rate Data explorer

Unemployment rate Data explorer Visualize

Long-term unemployment rate Data explorer

Underemployment, quantity

People living in households with very low work intensity:
- by age and sex Data explorer Visualize
- by income quintile and household type Data explorer Visualize

Underemployed part-time workers (% of active population) Data explorer Visualize

Underemployment, quality

Overqualification rate (under development)

Quality of employment Income and benefits from employment

Low wage earners as a proportion of all employees (excluding apprentices):
- by age Data explorer
- by sex Data explorer
- by educational attainment Data explorer Visualize

Health and safety at work

Fatal Accidents at work by economic activity Data explorer

Work/life balance

Average number of usual weekly hours of work in main job by economic activity (NACE Rev. 2) Data explorer Visualize

Population in employment working more than the ILO threshold of 48 hours a week (under development)

Population in employment working during unsocial hours:
- Saturdays Data explorer Visualize
- Sundays Data explorer Visualize
- Evenings Data explorer Visualize
- Nights Data explorer Visualize

Average satisfaction with commuting time Data explorer

Percentage of the population rating their satisfaction with their commuting time as high, medium or low Data explorer

Temporary work

Temporary contracts Data explorer

Assessment of quality of employment

Average job satisfaction Data explorer

Percentage of the population rating their job satisfaction as high, medium or low Data explorer

Possibility to influence content and order of tasks (to be developed)

Good relationship with colleagues (to be developed)

Good relationship with direct supervisor (to be developed)

Other main activity

(To be developed)