Leisure and social interactions Leisure and social interactions

The dimension "leisure and social interactions" combines data on individual aspects of time-use with interpersonal activities and relationships. For the topic "leisure", covering quantity, quality and access, data are to be developed. Data on "social interactions", including activities with and for people, supportive relationships, and social cohesion, are currently being developed in SILC 2013, with data coming from SILC 2006 available in the meantime.


Topic / subtopic Indicator
Leisure Quantity of leisure

Average satisfaction with time use 

Percentage of the population rating their satisfaction with time use as high, medium or low 

Quality of leisure

N/A (to be developed)

Access to leisure

Percentage of people going to the cinema in 2005 (PS010)

Social interactions Activities with people

Frequency of getting together with friends  (data from SILC 2006 - explanatory texts pdf icon )

Average satisfaction with personal relationships 

Percentage of the population rating their satisfaction with personal relationships as high, medium or low

Feeling of loneliness (EU-SILC 2015, available in 2017)

Activities for people

Participation in informal voluntary activities (PS100)

Participation in activities of charitable organisations (PS150)

Supportive relationships

Having someone to rely on in case of need

Having someone to discuss personal matters with (SILC 2013)

Social cohesion

Average rating of trust in others