Quality of Life (QoL) - Data Quality of Life (QoL) - Data

Since the "Beyond GDP" conference, several initiatives have been set up, which have culminated in the decision of the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) in November 2011 to work towards developing a set of Quality of Life (QoL) indicators for the EU.

The set is organised along the following dimensions:

The "overall experience of life" refers to the personal perception of quality of life (i.e. life satisfaction, affects, meaning of life).

The data presented here come from several sources from within the European Statistical System (ESS), in particular SILC (statistics on income and living conditions), LFS (labour force survey), EHIS (European Health Interview Survey), and administrative sources. In case no data are available from within the ESS, external links to non-ESS sources, such as the EQLS (European Quality of Life Survey), are used as placeholders.