National accounts National accounts

The datasets presented here are mainly related to quarterly national accounts.

Coverage: GDP and main components according to the output side (industry breakdown according to the NACE Rev2 one letter classification), the expenditure side, the income side and employment national accounts data.

Data is presented both in current and constant prices (whenever they can be computed), and in thousands of persons. Price indices are also available. Growth rates are presented in order to show the evolution of the main macroeconomic aggregates over time.

Data are available both unadjusted and seasonally adjusted and working day corrected. National data are seasonally adjusted according to national adjustment procedures performed by Member States. European totals are the result of an aggregation/estimation process based on the corresponding national figures. The dataset is complemented by a small set of annual indicators on GDP and government debt and deficit and main aggregates of national accounts. Learn more.

National accounts are a coherent and consistent set of macroeconomic indicators, providing an overall picture of the economic situation. They are largely used for economic analysis and forecasting, policy design and policy making. National accounts data are often used as a reference variable in the construction of leading and coincident indicators. They are also involved in the compilation of potential output, output gap and other relevant long term and short term measures. National accounts data are also used to asses the convergence and synchronisation of economic fluctuation among Member States. Finally national accounts data play a key role in the monitoring of national policies with respect to the Growth and Stability Pact and Maastricht criteria.

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