Resource Efficiency Indicators Resource Efficiency Indicators

In 2011, the flagship initiative for a resource-efficient Europe was launched as one of 7 initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy by the European Union. This flagship initiative offers a long-term framework for actions in many policy areas, supporting policy agendas for climate change, energy, transport, industry, raw materials, agriculture, fisheries, biodiversity and regional development.

The Roadmap to a resource efficient Europe is a central pillar of the resource efficiency flagship initiative. It sets out a framework for the design and implementation of future actions, also providing a list of possible indicators and targets in the accompanying Annex 6. The set of resource efficiency indicators was selected with the aim of covering as many as possible of the themes and subthemes identified in the roadmap.

Indicators are needed to monitor progress towards the objectives and targets of a resource efficient Europe, and to allow for benchmarking and comparison between Member States. For more information on the indicators please see Eurostat's resource efficiency scoreboard page.