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Eurostat's Environmental Data Centre on Natural Resources (EDCNR) is an online repository for a broad range of data on natural resources in Europe.

The EDCNR provides information on resource efficiency indicators, as well as basic statistics, indicators and assessments on natural resources. The aim is to improve understanding of the relationship between economic growth (consumption and production patterns), resource use and environmental impacts.

The thematic area of natural resources is wide in scope and there are varying definitions of it. The natural resource concepts page provides an introduction to the theme.

The EDCNR supports the development of the resource efficiency scoreboard, presenting more than 30 indicators relevant to the Roadmap to a resource efficient Europe in the context of the resource efficient Europe flagship initiative under the Europe 2020 growth strategy.

The Roadmap is the strategy document for the initiative: it outlines how Europe's economy can be transformed into a sustainable one by 2050, with milestones to be reached by 2020. The scoreboard indicators monitor and report progress in the EU and in Member States in different economic sectors.

The Scoreboard therefore also includes statistics from other data centres hosted by Eurostat, the European Environment Agency (EEA), and the Joint Research Centre (JRC), and from other internationally recognised sources. The Scoreboard can also be found directly on Eurostat's webpages on Europe 2020, underneath the ‘Flagship initiatives of Europe 2020' page.

The EDCNR is one of the nine thematic data centres managed by three bodies of the European Union – the European Environment Agency, the Joint Research Centre and Eurostat.