Eurostat, 19/11/2018
Information note

The 'STATE AID' tables provided by the European Commission - Directorate-General for Competition, listed below, are no longer available for visualisation with the Eurostat tool "TGM for COMP".

They are now available on the DG COMPETITITON web site

Agriculture aid - million EUR, % of GDP comp_ag_01
Agriculture aid by objective - million EUR comp_ag_03
Share of aid instruments - million EUR comp_ai_sa_01
Share of aid instruments - % of total comp_ai_sa_02
Block-exempted aid - million EUR comp_bex_sa_01
Block-exempted aid - % of GDP comp_bex_sa_02
Fisheries aid - million EUR, % of GDP comp_mare_sa_01
Aid by main objectives - million EUR comp_sa_01
Aid by main objectives - % of GDP comp_sa_02