The TERCET NUTS-postal codes matching tables contain a lookup-list of European postal codes and their corresponding NUTS codes for the NUTS versions 2010, 2013, and 2016. For NUTS 2016, there are matching tables for most of the EU28, and EFTA Countries. Eurostat has applied a number of quality assurance measures to ensure the best possible quality of the data including formatting checks, checks for completeness of postal codes and checks for spatial accuracy of the geocoding. Nevertheless, due to the very diverse and complex situation in Europe for postal codes data we cannot guarantee that all postal codes have been correctly matched. Should you detect any errors, we would be grateful if you could notify them to us at ESTAT-USER-SUPPORT@ec.europa.eu. The matching tables have been created with data and tools that allow for their free and public distribution for statistical and other non-commercial purposes. More information on quality assurance and data sources can be found in the methodological notes.

KNOWN ISSUES FOR NUTS 2016 (as of 20/08/2018)
* Data for EE and CY are missing, they will provided at a later stage.
* Data for LT has gaps, GISCO is working on improving the coverage.
* Data for Northern Ireland at Postal District level, currently there is no data source for the full postal codes.
* Data for Candidate and Potential Candidate countries are missing, GISCO is looking into improving the coverage.

* Version 1 from 05/08/2018, for issues see above.
          NUTS version:    
Flat filename Description Last updated (DD/MM/YYYY)
 2017-GISCO-NUTS2013-PC-MET-NOTES-V1.zip  Method notes, 2013  02/08/2018
 airport_NUTS-2013.zip  Airport/NUTS mappings, 2013  02/08/2018
 distances_airport_NUTS-2013.zip  Airport distances, 2013  02/08/2018
 distances_nuts_matrix_NUTS-2013.zip   NUTS distance matrices, 2013  02/08/2018
 distances_nuts_NUTS-2013.zip  NUTS distances, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_at_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for AT, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_be_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for BE, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_bg_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for BG, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_ch_NUTS-2013_v2.4.zip  Postal codes for CH, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_cy_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for CY, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_cz_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for CZ, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_de_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for DE, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_dk_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for DK, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_ee_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for EE, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_el_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for EL, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_es_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for ES, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_fi_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for FI, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_fr_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for FR, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_hr_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for HR, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_hu_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for HU, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_ie_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for IE, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_is_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for IS, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_it_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for IT, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_li_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for LI, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_lt_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for LT, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_lu_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for LU, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_lv_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for LV, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_me_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for ME, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_mk_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for MK, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_mt_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for MT, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_nl_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for NL, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_no_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for NO, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_NUTS-2010.zip  Postal codes for NU, NUTS  02/08/2018
 pc2016_NUTS-2013.zip  Postal codes for NU, NUTS  02/08/2018
 pc2016_pl_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for PL, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_pt_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for PT, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_ro_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for RO, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_se_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for SE, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_si_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for SI, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_sk_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for SK, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_tr_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for TR, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_uk_NUTS-2013_v2.3.zip  Postal codes for UK, 2013  02/08/2018
 pc2016_uk_NUTS-2013_v2.zip  Postal codes for UK, 2013  02/08/2018

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