Glossary:Job vacancy rate (JVR)

A job vacancy is a post, either newly created, unoccupied or about to become vacant, which the employer:

  • actively seeks to fill with a suitable candidate from outside the enterprise (including any further necessary steps);
  • immediately or in the near future.

Although the definition states that a job vacancy should be open to candidates from outside the enterprise, this does not exclude the possibility of appointing an internal candidate to the post. A post that is open to internal candidates only, however, is not considered a job vacancy.

The job vacancy rate, abbreviated as JVR, measures the percentage of vacant posts, as defined above, compared with the total number of occupied and unoccupied posts; it is calculated as follows:

JVR = number of job vacancies / (number of occupied posts + number of job vacancies) * 100

An occupied post is a post within an organization to which an employee has been assigned.

Data on job vacancies and occupied posts are broken down by economic activity, occupation, size of enterprise and region.

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