Statistical books , Product code: KS-05-14-075, published on 05-Jun-2017

Europe’ and to the development of methods that can bring about new insights into issues related to income, deprivation and work. The data on individuals and their households contained in the ‘EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions’ (EU-SILC) are used to contrast the experience of European

Statistical books , Product code: KS-HA-16-001, published on 14-Sep-2016

. It ensures that economic statistics on the economies of EU Member State are compiled in a consistent, comparable, reliable and up-to-date way. The legal basis for these statistics is a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European system ...

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The EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS), launched by the European Council in 2001 and renewed in June 2006, aims for the continuous improvement of quality of life for current and future generations. The Eurostat monitoring report, published every two years, provides an objective

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The Guide to statistics in European Commission development co-operation is an interactive tool aimed at supporting EU staff in the delegations and other services in the Commission working in cooperation and development, but it is also relevant to others involved in statistical development

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-RA-13-010, published on 30-May-2013

This Working Paper explains how estimates of current (2012) income, risk-of-poverty and inequality ("nowcasts") can be made using 2008 Statistics on Income and Living Conditions data (EU SILC) and the European Union tax-benefit microsimulation model EUROMOD. The method is illustrated for eight EU

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Environmental Protection Expenditure and Revenues Joint Questionnaire/SERIEE En- vironmental Protection Expenditure Account: Conversion Guidelines, 2005 • SERIEE - Environmental protection expenditure accounts - Compilation Guide, 2002 • SERIEE - European System for the collection of economic information

Compact guides and catalogues , Product code: KS-FM-13-001, published on 04-Mar-2013

Statistics Explained is an official Eurostat website presenting all statistical topics in an easily understandable way. This publication presents all validated articles included in Statistics Explained in December 2012. Volume 1 contains all articles related to European general and economic statistics and statistical cooperation.

Statistical books , Product code: KS-CD-12-001, published on 06-Feb-2013

Europe in figures – Eurostat yearbook 2012 presents a comprehensive selection of statistical data on Europe. With around 480 statistical tables, figures and maps, the yearbook is a definitive collection of statistical information on the European Union. Most data cover the period 2000-2010

Pocketbooks , Product code: KS-EI-12-001, published on 04-Dec-2012

Key figures on Europe presents a selection of statistical data on Europe. Most data cover the European Union and its Member States, while some indicators are provided for other countries, such as members of EFTA, candidate countries to the European Union, Japan or the United States. The pocketbook

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-RA-12-017, published on 23-Jul-2012

Economic downturn and stress testing European welfare system Analysing the socioeconomic determinants of health in Europe: new evidence from the EU-SILC Methodological issues in the analysis of the socioeconomic determinants of health using...

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in the European Union (EU) at the regional level (NUTS 2) and the impact of the biggest economic downturn since World War II, after a period of several years of economic growth and job creation. The EU has responded by adopting the European economic recover...