PRODCOM List 2010


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10.61   Manufacture of grain mill products    
    10.61.11   Husked rice    
    10.61.12   Rice, semi- or wholly milled or broken    
    10.61.21   Wheat or maslin flour    
    10.61.22   Other cereal flour    
    10.61.23   Vegetable flour and meal    
    10.61.24   Mixes for preparation of bakers' wares    
    10.61.31   Groats and meal of wheat    
    10.61.32   Cereal groats, meal and pellets n.e.c.    
    10.61.33   Breakfast cereals and other cereal grain products    
    10.61.40   Bran, sharps and other residues from the working of cereals    

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