SCL - Labour costs structure


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D   Total labour costs (total)
D01   Total labour costs (excluding apprentices)
D02   Total labour costs for apprentices
D1_D4_MD5   Labour cost for LCI (compensation of employees plus taxes minus subsidies)
D1_D4_MD5_XB   Labour cost for LCI excluding bonuses
D1   Compensation of employees (total)
D11   Wages and salaries (total)
D111   Wages and salaries (excluding apprentices)
D1111   Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances
D11111   Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances paid in each pay period
D11112   Direct remuneration, bonuses and allowances not paid in each pay period
D1111A   Direct remuneration (LCS 2000)
D1111B   Bonuses (LCS 2000)
D111121   Bonuses paid at fixed period
D1112   Payments to employees savings schemes
D1113   Payments for days not worked
D1114   Wages and salaries in kind
D11141   Company products
D11142   Staff housing
D11143   Company cars
D11144   Stock options and share purchase schemes
D11144A   Other remuneration in kind (LCS 2000)
D11145   Other
D112   Wages and salaries of apprentices
D12   Employers' social contributions (total)
D121   Employers' actual social contributions
D1211   Statutory social security contributions
D1212   Collectively agreed, contractual and voluntary social security contributions
D122   Employers' imputed social contributions
D1221   Guaranteed remuneration in the event of sickness
D1222   Employers' imputed social contributions for pensions and health
D1222A   Guaranteed remuneration in event of short-time working (LCS 2000)
D1223   Payments to employees leaving the enterprise
D1224   Other employers' imputed social benefits
D1224A   Employers' imputed social benefits (LCS 2000)
D123   Employers' social contributions for apprentices
D2-D4_MD5   Labour costs other than compensation of employees
D12-D4_MD5   Employers' social contributions and other labour costs paid by employer
D12_D4_MD5   Labour costs other than wages and salaries
D2   Vocational training costs

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