SCL - International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008 (ISCO-08)


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TOTAL   Total    
OC1-5   Non manual workers    
OC1-3   Managers, professionals, technicians and associate professionals    
OC1   Managers    
OC2   Professionals    
OC3   Technicians and associate professionals    
OC4_5   Clerical support workers, service and sales workers    
OC4   Clerical support workers    
OC5   Service and sales workers    
OC6-8   Skilled manual workers    
OC6   Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers    
OC7-9   Manual workers    
OC7   Craft and related trades workers    
OC8   Plant and machine operators, and assemblers    
OC9   Elementary occupations    
OC0   Armed forces occupations    
OTH   Other occupations    
NAP   Not applicable    
NRP   No response    
UNK   Unknown    

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