SCL - International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED 2011)


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TOTAL   All ISCED 2011 levels    
ED0-2   Less than primary, primary and lower secondary (levels 0-2)    
ED0   Less than primary    
ED1   Primary    
ED2   Lower secondary    
ED3_4   Upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary (levels 3 and 4)    
ED3   Upper secondary    
ED4   Post-secondary non-tertiary    
ED5-8   Short-cycle tertiary, bachelor or equivalent, master or equivalent and doctoral or equivalent (levels 5-8)    
ED5   Short-cycle tertiary    
ED6   Bachelor or equivalent    
ED7   Master or equivalent    
ED8   Doctoral or equivalent    
ED9   Not elsewhere classified    
UNK   Unknown    

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