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IPC   International patent classification (IPC) - total
A   Section A - Human necessities
A01   Agriculture; forestry; animal husbandry; hunting; trapping; fishing
A21   Baking; equipment for making or processing doughs; doughs for baking
A22   Butchering; meat treatment; processing poultry or fish
A23   Foods or foodstuffs; their treatment, not covered by other classes
A24   Tobacco; cigars; cigarettes; smokers' requisites
A41   Wearing apparel
A42   Headwear
A43   Footwear
A44   Haberdashery; jewellery
A45   Hand or travelling articles
A46   Brushware
A47   Furniture; domestic articles or appliances; coffee mills; spice mills; suction cleaners in general
A61   Medical or veterinary science; hygiene
A62   Life-saving; fire-fighting
A63   Sports; games; amusements
B   Section B - Performing operations; transporting
B01   Physical or chemical processes or apparatus in general
B02   Crushing, pulverising, or disintegrating; preparatory treatment of grain for milling
B03   Separation of solid materials using liquids or using pneumatic tables or jigs; magnetic or electrostatic separation of solid materials from solid materials or fluids; separation by high-voltage electric fields
B04   Centrifugal apparatus or machines for carrying-out physical or chemical processes
B05   Spraying or atomising in general; applying liquids or other fluent materials to surfaces, in general
B06   Generating or transmitting mechanical vibrations in general
B07   Separating solids from solids; sorting
B08   Cleaning
B09   Disposal of solid waste; reclamation of contaminated soil
B21   Mechanical metal-working without essentially removing material; punching metal
B22   Casting; powder metallurgy
B23   Machine tools; metal-working not otherwise provided for
B24   Grinding; polishing
B25   Hand tools; portable power-driven tools; handles for hand implements; workshop equipment; manipulators
B26   Hand cutting tools; cutting; severing
B27   Working or preserving wood or similar material; nailing or stapling machines in general
B28   Working cement, clay, or stone
B29   Working of plastics; working of substances in a plastic state in general
B30   Presses
B31   Making paper articles; working paper
B32   Layered products
B41   Printing; lining machines; typewriters; stamps

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