SCL - International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10 2007)


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TOTAL   Total    
A-R_V-Y   All causes of death (A00-Y89) excluding S00-T98    
A-T_Z   All causes of diseases (A00-Z99) excluding V00-Y98    
A-T_Z_XNB   All causes of diseases (A00-Z99) excluding V00-Y98 and Z38    
A_B   Certain infectious and parasitic diseases (A00-B99)    
INFECT   Certain infectious diseases (A00-A40, A42-B99)    
BAC_PRO_INF   Selected invasive bacterial and protozoal infections (A38-A41, A46, A481, B50-B54, G00, G03, J02, L03)    
A15-A19_B90   Tuberculosis    
A00-A08   Intestinal infectious diseases except diarrhoea    
A00   Cholera    
A01   Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers    
A02   Other salmonella infections    
A03   Shigellosis    
A06   Amoebiasis    
A09   Diarrhoea and gastroenteritis of presumed infectious origin    
A15   Respiratory tuberculosis bacteriologically and histologically confirmed    
A21   Tularaemia    
A22   Anthrax    
A23   Brucellosis    
A26   Erysipeloid    
A27   Leptospirosis    
A35   Other tetanus    
A36   Diphtheria    
A39   Meningococcal infection    
A40_A41   Septicaemia    
A41   Other sepsis    
A46   Erysipelas    
A70   Chlamydia psittaci infections    
A78   Q fever    
A79   Other rickettsioses    
A80   Acute poliomyelitis    
A82   Rabies    
B01   Varicella [chickenpox]    
B05   Measles    
B06   Rubella    
B15-B19_B942   Viral hepatitis and sequelae of viral hepatitis    
B15-B19   Viral hepatitis    
B15   Acute hepatitis A    
B16   Acute hepatitis B    
B171_B182   Hepatitis C    

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