SCL - Geographical code list


  Select language of the data:
GEO   Geopolitical entity (reporting)
GEO   Geopolitical entity (reporting)
  The following code lists are considered as derived code lists. Please refer to GEO to get the list of codes.
PARTNER   Geopolitical entity (partner)
CITIZEN   Country of citizenship
C_BIRTH   Country/region of birth
C_BTHFAT   Country of birth of father
C_BTHMOT   Country of birth of mother
C_BTHPAR   Country of birth of parents
C_LOAD   Country/region of loading/embarking
C_UNLOAD   Country/region of unloading/disembarking
C_CTRL   Country, in which the controlling enterprise is located
C_REGIS   Country of registration
C_RESID   Country of residence
C_TRANS   Country of transit
C_WORK   Country/region of work
ORG_INST   National and international organizations and institutions

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