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  The currency code list is based on ISO 4217, the International Standard for currency codes. The first two letters of the three-letter alphabetic code are usually identical with the ISO 3166 Standard, which lists the codes for country names. The third letter usually corresponds to the first letter of the currency name (e.g., the US dollar is represented as USD - the US coming from the ISO 3166 country code and the D for dollar). In order to meet the requirements of EU-statistics the present version contains the old Euro-area currencies and some additional codes. For reasons of protocol the euro is placed first followed by the monetary abbreviations of the Member States in alphabetical order of the currency code (ISO codes 4217). The currencies of the EFTA countries, Candidate Countries and the other currencies follow hereafter and are listed according to the same criteria.
TOTAL   Total (all currencies)
EUR   Euro
THS_EUR   Thousand euro
MIO_EUR   Million euro
BN_EUR   Billion euro
ATS   Austrian schilling
BEF   Belgian franc
BLF   Belgian Franc/Luxembourg Franc
BGN   Bulgarian lev
CYP   Cyprus pound
CZK   Czech koruna
DEM   German mark
DKK   Danish krone
EEK   Estonian Kroon
ESP   Spanish peseta
FIM   Finnish markka
FRF   French franc
GBP   Pound sterling
GRD   Greek drachma
HRK   Croatian kuna
HUF   Hungarian forint
IEP   Irish pound
ITL   Italian lira
LTL   Lithuanian litas
LUF   Luxembourg franc
LVL   Latvian lats
MTL   Maltese lira
NLG   Dutch guilder
PLN   Polish zloty
PTE   Portuguese escudo
RON   Romanian leu
SEK   Swedish krona
SIT   Slovenian tolar
SKK   Slovak koruna
EU_OTH   National currency of EU Member States not belonging to the euro area
CHF   Swiss franc
ISK   Icelandic krona
NOK   Norwegian krone
ALL   Albanian lek

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