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  Name English abbreviation Family General description
1 European Education Thesaurus EET Other   View
2 European Glossary on Education Other   View
3 European Training Thesaurus ETT Education   View
4 EUROVOC (multilingual thesaurus of the European Communities) EUROVOC Other   View
5 Glossary of statistical terms (multilingual) - International Statistical Institute (ISI) Other  
6 Glossary of statistical terms - Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley Other  
7 Glossary of statistical terms by Dr. Howard S. Hoffman Other  
8 Glossary on statistical disclosure control (IASS - International Association of Survey Statisticians) Other   View
9 Statistics glossary at Other  
10 Statistics glossary by David M. Lane Other  
11 Statistics glossary by StatSoft, Inc. Other  
12 Statistics glossary by Valerie J. Easton and John H. McColl Other  

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