Classification of Environmental Protection Activities and Expenditure (2000)

Code:  7
Description:  Protection against radiation (excluding external safety)
Explanatory notes:  Protection against radiation refers to activities and measures aimed at the reduction or elimination of the negative consequences of radiation emitted from any source. Included is the handling, transportation and treatment of high level radioactive waste, i.e. waste that, because of its high radionuclide content, requires shielding during normal handling and transportation.

Excluded are activities and measures related to the prevention of technological hazards (e.g. external safety of nuclear power plants), as well as protection measures taken at workplaces. Also excluded are activities related to collection and treatment of low-level radioactive waste (see CEPA 3).


Any material that contains or is contaminated with radionuclides at concentrations or radioactivity levels greater than the "exempt quantities" established by the competent authorities, and for which no use is foreseen. Radioactive wastes are produced at nuclear power plants and at associated nuclear fuel cycle facilities as well as through other uses of radioactive material, for example, the use of radionuclides in hospitals and research establishments. Other important wastes are those from mining and milling of uranium and from the reprocessing of spent fuel.