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Academic staff
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Academic Staff (ISCED 5-6) includes:

- Personnel whose primary assignment is instruction, research, or public service.
- Personnel who hold an academic rank with such titles as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, lecturer, or the equivalent of any of these academic ranks,
- Personnel with other titles, (e.g. dean, director, associate dean, assistant dean, chair or head of department), if their principal activity is instruction or research.

It EXCLUDES student teachers, teachers aides and paraprofessionals.
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Households and Enterprises (Corporations, Institutions)
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UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Eurostat, "UOE data collection on education systems", Volume 1: "Manual. Concepts, definitions and classifications". Volume 2: "2011 UOE questionnaires and instructions for their completion and submission". Volume 3: "Electronic questionnaires: User guide" (2009 Edition), Montreal, Paris, Luxembourg, 2011
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Eurostat, Fields of Education and Training Manual, December 1999
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